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What to see, Sicily

Tourist guide

Tourist Attractions in Sicily

On this page we present a selection of tourist attractions, in particular, places of historical or artistic interest, from which you can directly access the details page.

Sicily: What to see

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Palazzo Brignone -, in Linosa Island / Lampedusa and Linosa
Isola di Linosa
Lampedusa e Linosa (AG)

Teatro Costabianca -, in Realmonte
Realmonte (AG)

Palazzo Frangipane - Tourist attraction, in Licata
Tourist attraction
Licata (AG)
- Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 8

Town Hall - Town Hall, in Licata
Town Hall headquarters
Licata (AG)
- Piazza Progresso, 10

The Palazzo di Città is an expression of Sicilian liberty, designed by Ernesto Basile.

Castel Sant'Angelo -, in Licata
Licata (AG)

Spanish sighting fort dating back to the end of the sixteenth century from which most of the coast and the Plain of Licata can be seen.

Palazzo Bosio - Tourist attraction, in Licata
Tourist attraction
Licata (AG)
- Piazza S. Angelo

Licata Lighthouse -, in Licata
Licata (AG)
- Corso Umberto Argentina

Alagona Castle -, in Francofonte
Francofonte (SR)

Attacked at Palazzo Palagonia.

Torre Casalotto - ruined, in Aci Catena
Aci Catena (CT)
- Via Ceuta

Palazzo Mirone-Deodato -, in Viagrande
Viagrande (CT)
- via Garibaldi, angolo con la via Mirone

The Palazzo Myron-Deodato, the center of the country, Art Nouveau, was made by Francesco Fichera. In 2015 the building, purchased by Dr. ...

Pietra d'Amico Castle - ruins, in Alessandria della Rocca
Alessandria della Rocca (AG)

The castle of the d'Amico Stone is a castle in ruins, Sicily, in the municipality of Alessandria della Rocca. Located in ...

Fountain of Neptune or Petreppaulu -, in Canicattì
Canicattì (AG)
- Corso Umberto I

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