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Sardinia: Lakes and other "wetlands"

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Wetlands, Sardinia



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Stagno di Sale 'and Porcus Natural Reserve - Sardinia
The Sale Porcus Nature Reserve is located in the northernmost part of the Sinis peninsula, between the center of San Vero Milis and the ...

River Temo in Monteleone Rocca Doria - Sardegna
Located in a valley of incredible beauty, the lake is dominated by the heel above which the village of Monteleone Roccadoria has risen, ...

Lake Smooth - Sardinia
Located in the territory of the municipality of Luras, it is of great importance as it supplies water to the territory of Olbia. It has a capacity ...

Dam of Saint Lucia - Rio Sa Teula - Sardinia
Located in the territory of Villagrande Strisaili in the province of Ogliastra, the Santa Lucia dam is the most important barrier on the Rio ...

Dam Flumineddu - Sardinia
The lake is located in the area halfway between Seui and Ulassai, to reach the barrier instead you have to walk through the ...

Staini di Staini Saliu - Sardinia
The pond of Staini Saliu, is a wetland located in southern Sardinia in the territory of the municipality of Serdiana. In periods ...

Dam is Barroccus - Riu San Sebastian - Sardinia
The Barroccus Dam is approximately 3 Km from the Isili town, the invasion has a capacity of approximately 12,240 mln of cubic meters of water for ...

Lake Omodeo - Sardinia
On the Tirso river, in Sardinia, in the Barigadu region, stands one of the largest artificial basins in Italy, that of Lake Omodeo. ...

Pond of s'Ena Arrubia - Sardinia
This pond is what remains of the great salty pond of Sassu, which was reclaimed in 1937, and which had an extension of 3270 ...

Pond Platamona - Sardinia
Platamona pond is located in the municipality of Sorso in the province of Sassari. The wetland area is important because, since it is fresh water, it is home to ...

Longu pond - Sardinia
Longo pond is a wetland located near the central eastern coast of Sardinia. It belongs administratively ...

Mistras lagoon - Sardinia
Salty lagoon that communicates with the sea in the Gulf of Oristano through a large mouth. It is a very important site for the stopover of many ...

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