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What to see, Liguria

Tourist guide

Tourist Attractions in Liguria

On this page we present a selection of tourist attractions, in particular, places of historical or artistic interest, from which you can directly access the details page.

Liguria: What to see

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Castle of Riomaggiore - Tourist attraction, in Riomaggiore
Tourist attraction
Riomaggiore (SP)

Castello dei Fieschi of Monterosso -, in Monterosso al Mare
Monterosso al Mare (SP)
- Via Bastioni

Statue of the Giant -, in Monterosso al Mare
Monterosso al Mare (SP)

National House -, in Cogoleto
Cogoleto (GE)

Ancient seat of authority, at the current Piazza dei Bianchi, it was built between the 1695 and the 1722. On the side facing the promenade ...

Tower of Andora -, in Andora
Andora (SV)
- Piazza Santa Rita

Torre Porta -, in Castello / Andora
Andora (SV)

Torrione del Cavallo -, in Laigueglia
Laigueglia (SV)
- Lungomare

Torrione della Coscia -, in Alassio
Alassio (SV)
- Punta Coscia

Torre Adelasia -, in Vegliasco / Alassio
Alassio (SV)

Torre Gallinara -, in Isola Gallinara / Alassio
Isola Gallinara
Alassio (SV)

Case Tower - crumbling, Caso / Alassio
Alassio (SV)

Torre Doria -, in Loano
Loano (SV)
- Viale Libia

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