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Promotion of tourism, territory and local traditions

Bodies and associations for the promotion of tourism and local traditions, cultural and folk associations.
On this page we present a selection of associations and Italian folk groups, From here you can directly access the details page.

Pro Loco

The Pro Loco local associations are born with the purpose of promotion and development of the territory.
The first Pro Loco in Italy was born in 1881 in Pieve Tesino, in the Trentino-Alto Adige, then territory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Together are part of the National Union of Pro Loco of Italy (UNPLI).
The expression Pro Loco comes from Latin and means "in favor of a place."
Initially called Committees care or landscaping company, and according to some studies have origins closely linked to Badie, the ancient communities demandavano groups that in the past the collective management of the festivities.
Even then, the spread of these associations was detected throughout Italy and the rest of Europe.
Promoted the beauty of the area, the professions, the personalities, the specificity of the earth, of the 'environment and the natural surroundings, making, cultural tourist attraction for travelers and pilgrims of the spirit.
This situation is also reflected nowadays: in Italy is currently the Pro Loco are thousands and the activities they do belong to different spheres of intervention tourist, social, cultural and sports.
The Pro Loco normally are located in municipalities without companies for tourism; in the case of municipalities characterized by the presence of fractions, the Pro Loco can have as headquarters the fraction of belonging and maintain their competence in the entire municipality.
Tend it is a phenomenon that concerns associated mainly centers small or medium.
It happens that it is not the name Pro Loco protected in all regions, in certain towns and villages Italian can be multiple Pro Loco of which usually older (but it is a rule that is not always applied) enrolled among regional annual validity for the obtaining of contributions.
Especially important for the development of tourism activities, in particular as regards the typical products of handicraft and local folk traditions, the protection and preservation of historic, artistic, architectural, cultural and environmental.

Tourism Promotion Agency

The tourist office is an entity of Italian law, established by the law of the 217 1983, which provided that all regions, both ordinary statute that special status, constituted the Tourism Promotion.
The APT are instrumental bodies of the Region, have managerial and administrative autonomy and have legal personality.
The tasks are:
- Promotion and propaganda of the local tourist resources
- Provide information
- Welcome and assistance to tourists through the offices of information and reception.
The regions that decide to set up the APT must suppress organizations for the promotion of tourism (EPT).
All other regions creates the Regional Agencies for Tourism (development of tourist promotion activities).
The IAT instead are public bodies set up by the APT and it has the task of curing the assistance l 'reception and information to tourists.
The Pro Loco is an association that has the task of enhancing the territories.
It also promotes tourist events and provides assistance to tourists.
All these entities are derived from the Convention bureau, born in the late nineteenth century in the United States.

cultural and folk associations

Associations are made up of volunteers who are dedicated mainly to the dissemination and promotion of culture and local traditions.
They are generally non-political, non-party and non-profit.
The associations are an extensive network of volunteers who act on the entire national territory by providing a public utility service on issues more different.

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