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Terme dell 'Emilia Romagna

»Adriatic Riviera Romagnola tourist area


Cure and Wellness Center Spa

via Principe di Piemonte, 56
» Miramare
» Emilia Romagna - ITALY

phone: +39 0541 424011
phone: +39 0541 424090

The baths of the Sea
Riminiterme is the largest spa with beauty SPA Rimini, capital of tourism and seawellness, a unique center of excellence, for the health and well-being of the entire family.
The Terme di Rimini, as the first seaside resort of tradition, stand on the beach and overlooking the sea, owe their excellence to the natural elements: sun, sand, salt and sea water.
At the center of an extraordinary land: 40 kilometers of coastline, a country rich in traditions and memory, cities and countries industrious, lively and hospitable, Riminiterme interprets tradition and innovation between natural elements and high technology, applied to treatments and services.
Its sea and thermal waters, the large organized spaces, the cutting-edge machinery, a skilled team of doctors and specialists throughout the year in customer service, the Bluebeach beach and the renowned hospitality of Romagna make it a unique structure, leaders in Italy.
In the spa complex, modern and multi-functional, divided into specialized areas, treatments retain the characteristic of being 'thalassotherapy' ie based on the therapeutic properties of seawater and marine elements for health care and welfare.

Wellness center
With its 1.200 square meters overlooking the sea, the Beauty SPA Riminiterme Spa is an architectural gem with a light, ultra-modern rooms, all in glass, white and natural elements.
Here seawater whirlpools, sauna, turkish bath and brand new room at the halls, all connected internally with BioMarine pools and the massage and treatment department, are the perfect place to wellness and relaxation.
In the Beauty SPA Riminiterme, ancient pleasures meet modernity.
The culture of the body passes through the most exclusive treatments, ayurvedic, shiatsu, abhyanga, shirodara, between Eastern and Western practical wisdoms: anointing, the oil flows, manipulations, massages, wraps, aesthetic mud and cutting edge technology.
medical team, according to the psycho-physical characteristics, will advise the best beauty treatments that will be carried out by qualified and experienced personnel in massage and wellness.

salt room
Salted and emotions in an extraordinary environment.
It's a whole salt room, where the energy of the sea plays its most intensive, draining, purifying, toning and anti-bacterial.
Clean air, improves the condition of the mucous membranes, bronchi and airways.
And since it also breathes through the skin, in this corner of paradise, the effectiveness is total: the salt absorbs water retention and therefore reducing cellulite and the orange peel effect.
All in salt and crystal, it is an ideal relaxation area where re-energize at the end of a path of fitness or as a final moment of draining and anti-cellulite treatments with matching salt wraps.
Music, sounds, aromas and lights encourage relaxation in a picturesque setting dominated by a starry sky that alternates and distributes soft colors.

body treatments
• Shirodara treatment. Beneficial relaxing massage with a thin flow of warm oil.
• Marine thermal body scrub. Body massage with emulsion composed of sea salt and exfoliating oil.
• Paraffin treatment. It makes the skin softer and more elastic, moisturizing it and stimulating the blood circulation of hands and feet.
• Shiatsu massage. It acts on the energy flow of the human being. It is a manual pressure exerted along the energy meridians.
• Ayurvedic massage. It transmits energy on a physical and mental level, through manipulations and applications of hot oils.
• Anti-cellulite massage. Stimulates circulation, promotes draining of tissues, tones and revitalizes.
• Biorelaxant massage. Intense and beneficial musculotendinous relaxation through decontracting manipulations.
• Toning massage. Energetic and vigorous, it promotes muscle tone.
• Plantar reflexogenic massage. Work on the reflex points of the sole of the foot. It has relaxing action, reduces anxiety and induces sleep.
• Hot coconut massage. The aim to restore harmony and balance between mind and body has an anti-stress action. It is carried out with complex manipulations and applications of coconut oil. Of ancient Indian origin.
• Vital boli massage. Vitalizing and regenerating treatment with warm ayurvedic oil and with alpine aromatic herbs.
• Vital resonance massage Aimed at improving muscular tension and the effects of stress, it is based on ancient Tibetan techniques.
• Vital stone massage. Manual, with hot stones resting on the back. It has a relaxing effect on body and mind.
• Lymphatic drainage. Therapeutic massage that reduces the accumulation of liquids in the tissues. Facilitates venous and lymphatic outflow, improves circulation and is effective in the treatment of cellulite.
• Salting. Application of sea salt with the purpose of relaxing and, through the osmotic effect, reduce water retention. It is normally carried out inside the salt room.
• Vascular bandage. Medical-aesthetic treatment with bandages soaked in solutions of medical liquid and water.
It favors the elimination of fluid retention, cellulite and venous insufficiency.
• Aesthetic muds. Revitalizes and tones the skin. Ideal remedy against imperfections caused by cellulite.

The Elettrodermoporazione body (EDP).
next-generation technology in non-invasive cosmetic treatment.
Perfect for localized fat.
Thanks to the particular electrical waves, allows a dilation of intercellular spaces and a deep penetration of the substances indicated for the blemish.
The special conductive gloves allow hands to send the transdermal pulses, the substances penetrate deep and are able to perform their function in the dermis in a truly optimal way.
It is painless, does not cause hematomas, it does not need a period of post-treatment.

facial treatments
• Lymphatic drainage. Slow, rotating and light massage to promote the flow of the lymphatic circuit.
• Marine thermal spa scrub. Face massage with emulsion composed of sea salt and exfoliating oil.
• Personalized Ayurvedic treatment. It reactivates cellular metabolism and dermal tissue.
• Facial and neck tuning treatment. Oriental techniques of acupressure and Western detachment and touch. Personalized for every type of skin.
• Facial EDP treatment. Clear and immediate 'lifting' effect on micro-wrinkles. Stimulates the neoformation of collagen; the skin is elastic and smooth. Excellent for nasolabial, sublabial and periocular wrinkles.

spa therapeutic area
A therapeutic facility of excellence, on the seashore.
Here, caring means to rely on a complete structure, with medical staff and highly skilled paramedics, professionals and advanced machinery operators.
The spa is an ideal place to treat symptoms and diseases.
But not only, the unique properties of the natural elements predispose the body to cope with climatic conditions, stress, and the onset of new symptoms.
spa therapeutic area includes: the Department for Inhalation respiratory problems and ear, the Physical Department with the new Functional Rehabilitation Center equipped with the latest technology in motor rehabilitation area, mud and pools for the apparatus musculoskeletal, whirlpools and vascular treatments for the circulatory system.
The 4 pools are all indoors, with a beautiful view of the sea and connected with the bathing establishment 'Bluebeach'.
In the large and impressive thermal pool is used seawater at a temperature of about 34 °.

The Riminiterme waters
The Sea water is the richest of elements and its salinity plays antibacterial action, draining, cleaning agents and disinfectants.
Water Miramare, which is proper Riminiterme, is a mineral water, salt, bromine and iodine, bicarbonate, alkaline-earthy with remarkable therapeutic properties.
The sulphurous water, from the Baths of Tabiano and the thermal baths of Pitinum is rich in sulfuric gases recognized mucolytic.
The inhalation treatments, are an important garrison in the treatment and prevention of respiratory and ear nose and throat diseases.
The fangobalneoterapia known for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and decontracting, is useful in arthrosis and fibromialgiche throughout the musculoskeletal system.
Riminiterme uses: Thermal Muds, poultices Grey and Green, Mud Limo or for aesthetic purposes.
The Vascular path represents a significant help in the slow movement of the lower limbs, for varices and problems of water retention.
Prevention and rehabilitation are the important therapeutic aspects treated in Department of Physiotherapy and Functional Rehabilitation in Riminiterme with two thermal pools for rehabilitation in water at 34 ° at different depths.
The department has the Vascular Navigation with whirlpools, with different temperatures and 34 24 ° °, for the treatment of venous insufficiency of the lower limbs.
specific programs, therapists, and advanced machinery equipment allows a personalized path to be developed in the water, in the gym or in the clinic.

Area Prevention and Health Promotion
An innovative and highly specialized department is entirely dedicated to health, the main reason for being.
And if the evils of modernity attack the body from multiple directions, prevention, along with the movement and proper nutrition, it helps eliminate, reduce or otherwise hinder the damaging effects.
Prevention at Riminiterme is the foundation for the daily well-being.
The department, with professional and cutting-edge tools, offers cardiology specialist examinations, orthopedics, physical medicine, dermatology, angiology, otolaryngology.
They are also carried out visits, diagnostic tests and imaging studies such as ultrasound, electrocardiograms, holter heart and vascular Doppler ultrasound.
In the center they operate dietitian, chiropodist and psychologist and specialists who use Natural Medicine as homeopathy, acupuncture, hydro-colon therapy and testing for food intolerances.

Bluebeach Beach and Sea Wellness in Riminiterme
To live one summer only, Bluebeach Riminiterme is the largest seaside resort on the Riviera, an ideal destination for all those who love a complete holiday, sunny, with bathrooms, entertainment, relaxation and well-being in the most authentic style Rimini.
Connected with the Wellness Center, Bluebeach is an exclusive 'holiday village', with extensive sports facilities, safe and equipped, umbrellas and sunbeds, restaurant bar for breakfast, brunch, suggestive aperitifs at sunset.
The environments are varied and complementary, the multifunctional spaces change sets depending on the time of day: in the morning the Bluecamp children is a highly qualified summer holiday resort with professional instructors, in the evening the beach becomes the scene of events and performances, a place meeting and emotions that culminate to the ALBA night Rose, Riminiterme, to live the longest night of the year in an unforgettable atmosphere.

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Riminiterme - Le Terme del Mare

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