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» Arta Terme
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Arta Terme, immersed in the pure air and the greenery of the Carnic Alps

The modern and expanded spa welcomes you with many treatments and health packages, including an innovative spa and therapies with thermal waters and mud.
From Arta, you can explore the village Carnia: seven valleys and villages that preserve authentic traditions, unspoilt nature and a genuine and tasty cuisine.
Carnia opens the eyes of visitors a magical world: a large "village" with seven valleys that run through the Carnic Alps, on the border with Austria and Veneto.
An ancient land, intact and respectful of nature, a treasure trove of traditions and customs that are lost in the mists of time.
A few kilometers from Tolmezzo, the keeper, is Arta Terme: here, surrounded by the peace and pure air, a modern spa welcomes you with health packages and many treatments, from therapies with thermal waters and mud to rehabilitation and physiotherapy.
At the base of all there are the beneficial properties of the mineral water gushing from Pudia source, known and used since ancient times.
In the beauty and wellness center AquaDea, then, the skin, and not only, is the focus of attention that combine the wise use of herbs to the most complete and advanced therapies.
From here, you can start to discover authentic villages as Sutrio, where you can admire the striking architecture, as well as works and workshops of talented woodworkers.
And then Raveo, where they prepare the tasty biscuits Esse, Forni di Sopra, dominated by the majestic peaks of the Dolomites, Sauris, a marvelous village of German origin.
And for those who enjoy outdoor activities, there are hundreds of trails that wind in an untouched nature, such as the Via delle Malghe, or paths between the trenches of the Great War in Timau.
Lovers of snow and winter sports can choose from numerous downhill slopes and cross, in the ski centers of Ravascletto-Zoncolan and Forni di Sopra, but not only.
The kitchen offers unique delicacies, such as cjarsòns (kind of ravioli), Sauris ham, mountain cheeses and dishes made with wild herbs.
For those who want to enjoy the charm of a typical alpine village, there are the popular hotels where you stay in structures that reflect the local architecture.
The popular rites, then, are colorful, among mischievous goblins, sbilfs, flaming wheels, las cidulas, and traditions that mark the Carnival, Christmas and the changing seasons.

Salutermae - therapies with thermal waters and mud
Availability contracted care with the NHS

Spa treatments:
water therapy - direct humid inhalation - Humage / aerosol / mist - Micronized nasal shower - Nasal irrigation - Endotympanum insufflation - Politzer Crenotherapic - spa bath / jacuzzi / with underwater massage - wrap with thermal water - Mud with shower or bath - Mud hands or feet (without bathroom)
Massage therapy:
General massage (various times) / plantar - Manual lymph drainage (Vodder method)
Health packages
Breath (airway) - bowel Wellness - Heavy legs
Visit of dietary / medical consulting aesthetic / physiatrist - Medical dermatology - ORL specialistic - Prick test for inhalant - Visit of Tympanogram / audiogram / headset cleaning control

Fisiotermae - Physiotherapy and rehabilitation spa

Massage physiotherapy (various times) - Connective massage - Foot Reflexology - Kinesitherapy segmental
Physical therapy:
Analgesic electrotherapy - Electrostimulation - Ultrasound / Infrared
Tecarterapia® - Respiratory rehabilitation:
(Individual and group)
(Individual and group)
Rehabilitation in water:
Hydrokinesitherapy (individual and group)
Vascular rehabilitation:
Path and vascular exercise - Pressure therapy - Manual lymphatic drainage of the lower limbs - Bandages with thermal water - Tecarterapia®
Health packages
Vascular / Water / Heavy legs
Visit Physiatrical / Sitting Assessment with physiotherapist

AquaDea - aesthetic and wellness center

spa tradition:
Facial / Facial mud - Mud pack to the scalp - Body / peeling with thermal mud - Bandage with thermal water - Draining wrap with essential oils
Thermal baths
synergistic treatments:
Beauty day [facial cleansing, body peeling, pedicure, manicure] - Face + breast - Nettoyage face and body
Dermo-cosmetic facial treatments - treatments dermocosmetics Body - Wellness area:
partial / full body massage - massage face / body wellness - massage multisensory line Ki - Aroma-massage - Ayurvedic Massage - Hot Stone Therapy - Anti-cellulite massage / holistic / tonic - lipolytic Massage - Massage Special water waves - Hydrocare Massage "maternity" / "stretching" - Massage "senior" / "wellbeing" / "bimbo"
Pressure therapy
hands and walking program:
manicure / pedicure
hair removal program - sun Program
sun shower
Wellness programs:
wellness / Special moments ( "Mom", "Dad", "Grandfather") pools * / Acquagym
Treatments Aesthetic Medicine:
Visit of Aesthetic Medicine - skin check-up - Peeling Glycolic Acid / fillers (Hyaluronic Acid) - Bio-stimulation / Mesotherapy

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46 ° 28'36.88 " N
13 ° 01'1.81 " E

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