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Piedmont Spa



Spa - Health club

piazzale Ramponi, 10
» bognanco

phone: +39 0324 234137
phone: +39 334 3927668
phone: +39 0324 234278

Surrounded by chestnut and fir trees, immersed in the green valley watered by the Bogna stream, the Terme di Bognanco They can count on a pristine mountain landscape and on a favorable climate, given the 700 meters.

Discovered in 1863 from a young shepherdess thermal waters of the valley are rich in trace elements and minerals and flow from three different sources: San Lorenzo, Ausonia and Gaudenziana.

Indicated for digestive diseases, liver, biliary tract and chronic diseases of the stomach, the waters are used for different types of care: dall'aerosolterapia to carbonic bath, from mineral water treatment to alkaline inhalations, from balneotherapy to 'tub, the sauna to physiotherapeutic massages.

The spa also has a swimming pool equipped with blowers, gargoyles and solarium, where the water has a constant temperature of 32 degree.






Monday - Wednesday - Thursday 10.00-19.30
10.00-22.00 Friday
Saturday - Sunday 9.00-19.30

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Spas and sources of Piedmont - Piedmont Region

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