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Rusumada or Rossumada - Recipe of Lombard cuisine

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Regional tradition in the kitchen

Regional tradition in the kitchen

Lombardy - Tradition in the kitchen

Rusumada or Rossumada

Cooking recipe, from the culinary tradition of the Italian regions.

ingredients: (For 4 people)
- 4 fresh eggs
- 8 tablespoons red wine rather robust
- 4 tablespoons sugar

It may seem like a variation of eggnog, but it is not.
But it is also a native of Lombardy, where they used to consume it as a drink (much like a smoothie), sorbendola by special glasses with perforated lid from which passed a whisk, which allowed to keep the "froth" always soft.
Break the eggs, separate the whites from the yolks and put them in the bowl.
Add sugar and beat with a long spoon or whisk until the mixture becomes soft and mounts.
Add a little at a time and stirring constantly, wine.
Consume immediately.

NOTE: In summer, the rossumada can be prepared by substituting the wine with cold water or milk, or the juice of 4 lemons.
In the first case it is more liquid in the second, however, is great for garnish a fruit salad, or as a dessert spoon.

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"Rusumada or Rossumada"
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Rusumada or Rossumada
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