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Culingionis de patata - Recipe of Sardinian cuisine

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Regional tradition in the kitchen

Regional tradition in the kitchen

Sardinia - Tradition in the kitchen

Culingionis de patata

Cooking recipe, from the culinary tradition of the Italian regions.


  • 500 g flour
  • 600 g potatoes
  • 300 g of aged pecorino cheese
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1 onion
  • a few sheets of fresh mint
  • butter to taste
  • tomato sauce to taste
  • olive oil
  • rooms

Impastate la farina con un poco d'acqua calda, quel tanto che basta per ottenere un impasto omogeneo ed elastico.
Salt it lightly, work it carefully, form a ball, then cover it with a clean kitchen towel and let it rest.
Meanwhile peel, wash, boil the potatoes, pass them in a potato masher and mix them in a bowl together with grated pecorino.
Sbucciate quindi la cipolla e gli spicchi d'aglio, tritate il tutto insieme con le foglie di menta e fatelo rosolare per qualche minuto con un poco d'olio in
a pan if possible, then add the sautéed potatoes and pecorino cheese, stirring carefully.
At this point, with the mixture formed many small balls.
Then take the dough that you have allowed to stand, put it on a pastry board and put above the balls of potato and cheese, with a gap between them; cover with another sheet, press gently to form many small dumplings, cut them with the help of the wheel cutter and seal the edges by pinching.
Cook them in abundant salted and boiling water, then drain and toss with melted butter or with the fresh tomato sauce.
Finally sprinkle the culingionis with plenty of grated pecorino and accompany them on the table with a bottle of rose wine, served at a temperature of about 18 ° C.

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"Culingionis de patata"
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