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Pasta di casa - pasta i 'manu - Recipe of Calabrian cuisine

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Regional tradition in the kitchen

Regional tradition in the kitchen

Calabria - Tradition in the kitchen

Home-made pasta - i 'manu pasta

Cooking recipe, from the culinary tradition of the Italian regions.

La Homemade pasta is one of the most ancient dishes spread not only to Mammola but in all Calabria it's Italy. There typical recipe mammolese It is determined, from the wheat and Jermano (rye) to ground water mill, with the right amount of flour to prepare the dough and the dough dall'arrotolare with an ancient process that has been handed down for generations. The ideal dressing will vary according to taste, with goat meat, pork and / or meatballs, or with the rapier (Pescestocco), and finally, a cheese or grated smoked ricotta of goat's milk, typical of the place, which lead to the exaltation of this tasty dish. the renowned Kitchen Mammoth, The territory of the Aspromonte National Park, Always takes into account the traditions and wealth of products, offering many varied dishes made with old recipes handed down through generations.


  • 500 gr flour of wheat and / or rye
  • a tablespoon of olive oil
  • water and salt to taste

Durum wheat and Jermano (rye) are ground to the water mill. The flour obtained is used for the preparation of home-made pasta made by hand, which is prepared with wheat flour and / or rye according to the tastes. After together in a container, we proceed to the mixture with water, a little oil and let stand for about half an hour, covered with a cloth in the same container. Then cut it into small pieces and is rolled up on the table by hand or with reed swamp "junchi", giving the shape of spaghetti or bucatini. The paste is put wire by wire, leaving it to dry on a floured tablecloth waiting to be boiled. After it is boiled in salted water, then drain well and gets back in the same pot, or is skipped in the frying pan, and pour the sauce over pasta, stir and let stand for a few minutes.
For the dressing, it is particularly full-bodied sauce and spicy sauce prepared the old fashioned way in a clay pot with tomato and goat meat, or pork and / or with meatballs made of pork. Excellent fragrant and is also the pasta with the sauce of the "Stocco" (pescestocco) and / or "trippiceji" (streaky rapier). The "Stocco of Mammola" is one of the most famous typical products of Calabria.
The pasta according to taste, is grated with "smoked ricotta" or "Goat Cheese", typical of Mammola.
The pasta is served as a first course.

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Update description Pasta di casa - pasta i 'manuUpdate description Pasta di casa - pasta i 'manu

"Home-made pasta - i 'manu pasta"
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Home-made pasta - i 'manu pasta
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