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Sardinian nougat with almonds - Recipe of Sardinian cuisine

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Regional tradition in the kitchen

Regional tradition in the kitchen

Sardinia - Tradition in the kitchen

Sardinian nougat with almonds

Turrone de mendula

Cooking recipe, from the culinary tradition of the Italian regions.


  • 500 g of honey
  • 500 g of peeled and toasted almonds
  • 2 whites
  • flour hosts

Obtain a heavy-bottomed pan, pour the honey and mix it with the wooden spoon, incorporating the egg whites over low heat.
Stir gently and patiently for at least 4 hours and, to check the consistency, pour some of the mixture into a glass with water: if it does not melt, it means that the nougat is ready.
Then add the almonds, stir well again and mix well, then form the loaves, cover with the flour wafers and let them cool.

Update description Sardinian nougat with almondsUpdate description Sardinian nougat with almonds

"Sardinian nougat with almonds"
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