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Museums and exhibitions Trieste

Friuli-Venezia Giulia

On this page we present a selection of Friulian / Julian exhibitions and museums, From which you can directly access the details page.
From the menu on the page, select a province, you get a List of art exhibitions and museums present in its territory.

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Friuli-Venezia Giulia: Tourism, travel and holidays.

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postal and telegraphic Museum of Central Europe
Postal and telegraphic museum of Mitteleuropa - Trieste (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)
- Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 1

The Postal and Telegraphic Museum of Central Europe is located in Trieste, in the city center, in the Theresian Quarter, not far from the station ...

Civic Museum of War for Peace Diego De Henriquez
Civic War Peace Museum Diego De Henriquez - Trieste
- Via Cumano, 22

Guided tours Bookshop Photo Library Archive Document Library hours Hours 10-19 every day except ...

Joyce Museum
Joyce Museum - Trieste
- Via Madonna del Mare, 13

Warehouse of the Winds - Bora Museum Project
Magazzino dei Venti - Bora Museum - Trieste Project
- Via Belpoggio, 9

Services Guided tours Archive document Opening Hours Visits by appointment Free admission

Civic Museum of the Castle of San Giusto - Armeria
Civic Museum of the Castle of San Giusto - Armeria - Trieste
- Piazza Cattedrale, 3

Services Bookshop Guided tours Disabled access Opening hours from April to October from the 10.00 19.00 from ...

Museum of the Castle and Lapidary Tergestino
Museo Civico del Castello and Lapidario Tergestino - Trieste
- Piazza Cattedrale, 3

Services Guided tours Bookshop Accessible to the disabled Opening hours and holidays: from April to October from 09.00 ...

Club Triestino railfan Mitteleuropa - FERCLUB
Club Triestino Fermofellisti Mitteleuropa - FERCLUB - Trieste
- Via dei Giardini, 16

Guided tours by appointment. Opening hours Wednesday (except holidays) starts at 16.00 18.00 to Saturday (except holidays) ...

Municipal Museum of the Sea of ​​Trieste
Civic Museum of the Sea of ​​Trieste - Trieste
- Via di Campo Marzio, 5

Services Guided tours by reservation Document archive Opening hours Every day except Wednesday from 9.00 to ...

Civic Museum of San Sabba rice mill - National monument
Civic Museum of the Rice Mill of S. Sabba - National Monument - Trieste
- Via Giovanni Palatucci, 5

Guided tours Bookshop Library archive documentary Parking Disabled Opening hours all ...

Civic Museum of Oriental Art
Civic Museum of Oriental Art - Trieste
- Via S. Sebastiano, 1

Services Bookshop Guided tours Disabled access Opening hours Tuesday to Saturday: from hours 13.30 at ...

Civic Museum of History and Art and Garden Lapidary
Civic Museum of History and Art and Lapidary Garden - Trieste
- Piazza Cattedrale, 1

Guided tours Bookshop Opening hours weekdays and holidays: from April to October from the 10.00 19.00 from November to ...

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