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Guanciale - Sardinian traditional product

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Meat, fresh offal and their preparations

Meat, fresh offal and their preparations

Foodstuffs Regional: Sardinia


PAT - Traditional Sardinian Agri-food Product recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, on the proposal of the Sardinia region.

Cheek of the pig weighing about 2-2,2 Kg., triangular in shape, outwardly covered with spices.
It is obtained from certified meats.
The cheek of the pig is finished manually by removing the non-edible parts.
Salting: the bacon is seasoned with sea salt, cinnamon, black pepper and a minimum of preservatives, rubbed with spices and allowed to stand on the tanks used for 15 days.
During this period, the meat is subjected to salting 3.
In the next phase, the bacon is washed with strong, then peppery, white wine vinegar.
As a result of placing the product in the cell at rest, hanging with string and sticks on wooden carts stainless steel at a temperature of 5 2 ° C for days.
It follows the drying phase for 15-20 days at a temperature of 24-26 ° C to a moisture content equal to 60%.
The Maturation lasts for 75 days from the start of drying, after which the pillow is ready.
Packaging: The finished product is not packaged but sold in bulk and in full.
àartigianale conducted at the household level and traditionally most of 80 years.

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