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Capretto Da Latte - Crabittu - Traditional Sardinian product

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Meat, fresh offal and their preparations

Meat, fresh offal and their preparations

Foodstuffs Regional: Sardinia

Kid from Milk


PAT - Traditional Sardinian Agri-food Product recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, on the proposal of the Sardinia region.

Il Sardinian kid must meet the following organoleptic characteristics; the meat must have a light or rosy color, with a delicate and wild taste due to the feeding made exclusively of mother's milk, produced by goats that live in the wild in the Mediterranean pastures and that feed on pastures and Mediterranean scrub.
The goat is reared on the farm that has natural areas, and state-owned property, rich in natural essences.
The kids kept in shelters, are brought to their mothers when they fall from the pasture, remaining with them until the next morning.
More traditionally are fed once a day, in the morning and locked up in the dark.
The kid is fed only with breast milk.
Are deleted 4 / 6 weeks when they weigh from 4 8 to Kg
Manufactured in carcass (not divided) with slaughtering the Sardinian (fat retina that surrounds the intestines is removed and hung on the wall of the stomach) and then refrigerated.

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"Baby Goat - Crabittu"
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