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Traditional Sardinian Myrtle - Mulsta, Murta - Traditional Sardinian product

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soft drinks, spirits and liqueurs

soft drinks, spirits and liqueurs

Foodstuffs Regional: Sardinia

Myrtle of Traditional Sardinia

Mulsta, Murta

PAT - Traditional Sardinian Agri-food Product recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, on the proposal of the Sardinia region.

Il Myrtle has several dialectal names, Mulsta (Ittireddu), Multa (Berchidda, Ittiri, Oschiri, Padria, Pattada, Sassari, Tempio, Alghero), Murta (Bitti, Bolotana, Fluminimaggiore, Oliena, Orani, Orgosolo, Quartu), Murtiu (Carloforte) , Murtizzu (Bono) and Muta (Burcei and Villacidro).

Il Myrtle of Sardinia is a red colored liqueur obtained from hydro-alcoholic infusion of myrtle berries, of which it retains its characteristic fragrance, with the addition of only sweeteners such as sugar or honey.
It features special digestive and is preferably consumed cold.
The alcohol content is between 28 36% and% vol.

The processing system comprises the following steps:

  • The collection of myrtle berries must be made directly from the plant after reaching veraison; these must come from spontaneous flora or from crops that are as close as possible to the conditions of spontaneity, carried out without the aid of fertilizers and pesticides.
  • The berries to be processed must not contain leaves in quantities greater than 0,1% by weight; the berries can be washed with water to allow the removal of coarse impurities (dust and soil, etc).
  • The infusion of the berries in a hydroalcoholic solution at a minimum of 40 ° for a period not less than 15 days in stainless steel infusori using exclusively alcohol classified according to current legislation; the addition of preservatives, flavorings, colorings or any other product, as well as the use of other distillates is prohibited.
  • The tapping of the flower infusion, the pressing of the berries and filtration.
  • The meeting of the flower and the pressed material forms the basis for the production of the liqueur; the result is kept for a period not exceeding 24 months, calculated starting from the 31 December of the relative collection campaign.
  • Sweetening with sugar or with a sugar-honey mixture; the latter with a percentage not exceeding 15% by weight of the sweetening mixture.
  • The technological processes aimed at the dilution, filtration, clarification and stabilization with adjuvants authorized by current EU or national regulations.

Il Myrtle Liquor in fact it has very ancient origins it is produced in Sardinia for several generations; however, there are no written sources but only oral traditions, given that the drink was produced for family use only.
La prescription has been handed down from parents to children so that even in historical research the oral tradition cannot be neglected in the absence of written sources.
Only since the mid-seventies we have news of one production of Mirto liqueur at the commercial level.

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"Myrtle of Traditional Sardinia - Mulsta, Murta"
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