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File e Ferru - Acquavite, Abba Ardente, Abbardente - Traditional Sardinian product

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soft drinks, spirits and liqueurs

soft drinks, spirits and liqueurs

Foodstuffs Regional: Sardinia

File and Ferru

Brandy, Abba Ardente, Abbardente

PAT - Traditional Sardinian Agri-food Product recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, on the proposal of the Sardinia region.

Highly alcoholic, colorless, non-aromatised beverage whose scents are more or less markedly reminiscent of the aromas of the wines and of the original marc.
Variations to the basic distillate are the brandy flavored with spontaneous essences typical of Sardinia such as strawberry tree, the seeds of wild fennel.
It is a drink that is obtained through a process of double distillation of wines and / or pomace at a controlled temperature, discarding the head and tail of the distillate.
The pomace, a by-product of the vinification process, is stored and then transported to the authorized distilleries, where combined with wines are subjected to the double distillation process with special stills.
The body of the distillate, which is the beverage is stored in oak barrels and undergoes a maturation period of 1 year.
The brandy is an alcoholic beverage, known and consumed by the Sardinians, from time immemorial, primarily as a liqueur but also as an ingredient in many recipes.
Its manufacture was done by hand, in distilleries attached to your home cellar, which often housed a local (tavern) for addition to the retail wine and spirits, the on-site user-friendly consumption, the produced alcohol; This, until the advent of the Law on the State Monopoly, which has banned permanently its own production.
The name File and ferru, with which one is it calls the brandy in Sardinian, derives precisely from the fact that in the period of prohibition, artisan production continued clandestinely; to escape the controls, the distillate was kept in glass bottles that were tied with a wire, buried deep in the family garden or in the garden, leaving out a small piece of wire to be able to trace them.

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"File and Ferru - Distillate, Abba Ardente, Abbardente"
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