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Gentile salami, salam gentil - Traditional product from Emilia-Romagna

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Meat, fresh offal and their preparations

Meat, fresh offal and their preparations

Emilia Romagna
Foodstuffs Regional: Emilia Romagna

Kind salami, salam gentil

PAT - Traditional Agri-food product from Emilia-Romagna recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, on the proposal of the Emilia Romagna region.

"SALAM Zentil" in Romagna to pronounce it in dialect, takes its name from the natural pork entrails, the thickest part of the intestine and terminal.
It is a salami of about 1 kg. Of weight, 50 / 60 cm. Of length, allows a long maturation that takes from a minimum of 90 days to over 6 months.

In Emilia and in Romagna if we talk about salami, we have to refer to the recipe that was used in the country when the pig was worked at home, and the meat used to make the sausage was the same: loin, ham trimming , The pillow fat if used for the ham, and a few pieces of light shoulder meat and bacon.
The grinding of the meat took place with the mold 8; The seasoning always took place by hand with the right size using salt, pepper, wine, garlic perfume, and no chemical preservatives.

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Daniele Bertini (The Delights Gourmet - Lugo RA)

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"Kind salami, salam gentil"
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