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Typical Italian product

Typical Italian product

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Pancetta di Calabria DOP

Product Typical Italian whose diversification and name are protected against imitation and plagiarism.

The Protected Designation of Origin "Bacon of Calabria" is reserved for meat products with the requirements stated in the product specification.
The processing of Meats Calabria must occur in the traditional production area located in the Region of Calabria.

The products indicated with the denomination "Bacon Calabria", must be obtained from the processing of pig meat bred in Calabria and whose preparation and processing steps must take place in the territory of Calabria.
From the processing are excluding meat of boars and sows.
The pigs at slaughter, must be not less than Kg 130-140, age not less than eight months old with the characteristics of Italian heavy pigs, obtained using traditional breeds large breed such as "Large Wite" and "Italian Landrace" and their cross.
The pigs must also submit the quality mark "pigs raised in Calabria" and comply with the requirements as regards breeds, feeding and breeding techniques.
The feed for the feeding of pigs must be integrated compound feed barley, field beans, corn, acorns, chickpeas, in not less than 50% of the content.
It is not allowed to use in the diet of cassava and potatoes and by-products which could give the meat and fat flavors and unwanted odors.
In the two months before slaughter, the power must be predominantly protein.
To get more compact meat fattening is prohibited feeding in broth.
In the preparation and packaging of the "Bacon of Calabria", allowed the use of only natural ingredients such as salt (sodium chloride), black pepper and powdered red pepper provided by current law.

The "Bacon Calabria" is derived from the specific part of the anatomical pigs (lower sottocostato).
The bacon with rind, of varying weights from the 3 4 pounds, must be cut into a rectangular shape and have a thickness between 3 and 4 centimeters.
After the preparation is subjected to salting, for a period of four to eight days.
Subsequently the bacon is washed with water and wet with wine vinegar.
The top layer can be coated with chili powder.
Then it follows a maturation period of at least thirty days, in rooms with controlled temperature and relative humidity.

The "Bacon of Calabria", when released for consumption has the following characteristics.
Rectangular shape with a thickness varying between 3 and 4 cm.
Red color of the exterior, marked by the presence of chili powder.
Appearance shear rosy, with thin alternating streaks of lean and fat.
The aroma is intense natural.
Good sapidity.

The Italian text is taken from:
Production regulations - Soppressata Calabria

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