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Italian municipalities

Umbria region

Nation: Italy
capital City: Perugia
2 provinces
92 Municipality
surface: 8.256,24 sq km
Population: 860.529 inhabitants
Density: 104 inhabitants per square km


General Information

In Umbria you learn about the meaning of beauty.
It is the heart of Italy, and not only for its geographical position: its wealth of natural and artistic wonders seems inexhaustible.

Venture through its streets is a journey full of surprises, continuously suspended between the signs of a past guarded with care and a whole new vocation for the future that has reawakened Umbria from a torpor that lasted centuries (from the Renaissance onward, at least) bringing to light a region alive and beautiful.

Umbria today, reinventing itself fashionable but without overdoing it, has much to offer visitors the form of welfare and stimuli: from sports to culture, museums, epicurean delights, from the waters to the great musical events of international renown.

Because Umbria is the land of balance, able to assemble into a single fresco, a thousand facets and a thousand different souls.

Blends man and nature, intense spirituality and secular pride.
Immersed in an atmosphere of palpable harmony, every land and every city has its own unique identity, the result of millennia of civilization that have left dense layers of memories and timeless masterpieces: the Umbrians, Etruscans and Romans before; the extraordinary - and in many ways revolutionary - the Middle Ages, and then Renaissance.

In parallel, rural ingeniousness patiently chiselled the environment, reclaiming land, tilling and planting olive trees and vineyards, as well as giving very precious wines and oils, they have become the very symbol of this land.
Dotted with medieval villages and silent hermitages, the Umbrian hills have little to envy to other areas may be more famous.

In Umbria you need to travel a few kilometers to discover a wilderness, made of beech trees, deep caves, mountains populated by ancient legends.

Umbria is also rich in water surfaces in springs and mountain lakes, flowing rivers that carve impressive rocky gorges, and broadens into wetlands and artificial, which are magically transformed into nature reserves.
The Trasimeno, the slow flow of the Tiber and the jump of the waterfall Falls seem deliberately designed to inspire poets and painters.

At the end of the trip the certainty is confirmed: Umbria, for beauty, it has a true vocation.

The Italian text is taken from:
- Umbria General Guide (Regional Tourism Promotion Agency)

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