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Italian municipalities

Abruzzo region

Nation: Italy
capital City: L'Aquila
4 provinces
305 Municipality
surface: 10.751,78 sq km
Population: 1.319.165 inhabitants
Density: 122 inhabitants per square km


General Information

Abruzzo is an administrative region of Italy with 1,3 million inhabitants, its capital is L'Aquila.
It is bordered to the north by the Marche, in the south-west with Lazio, and Molise to the south with the east with the Adriatic Sea.
Abruzzo covers an area of ​​10.798 square kilometers and is divided into four provinces: L'Aquila, Pescara, Chieti and Teramo.
Mainly mountainous region, is made for the 65,1% by mountains and the remaining 34,9% hills.
The plain is composed of a narrow coastal strip that follows the coast.
The region has the highest peaks of the Apennines, the Gran Sasso of Italy high 2.914 me the Majella massif of 2.791 m.
The main rivers are the Aterno-Pescara, Sangro, Tronto, Trigno the Tordino Vomano and the upper course of the Liri, which flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Abruzzo is an ancient land, where, between the sea and the mountains, the History and Art have left rich traces that give the tourist great emotions.
The charm of ancient Abruzzo passes between works of art and wonderful monuments found in the archaeological site surrounded by magnificent scenery, the historical villages full of craft shops, the Romanesque churches, the Medieval castles, the hermitages carved into sheer cliffs, in Places of worship of great beauty, in museums large and small, in Fortalices sea, in pastoral settlements, in the suggestive Necropolis and prehistoric caves.
Therefore, the Abruzzo Region is synonymous with offering many opportunities of cultural interest that are fascinating for Tourists who arrive in this beautiful part of Italy.

In a highly naturalistic, characterized by hills and mountains behind the sea, Abruzzo provides Tourists his soul of ancient civilization.
Abruzzo "strong and gentle" allows, through modern means of communication, to visit Parks, Oasis and Natural Reserves, stay on the golden ribbon of beach, long over 130 kilometers, or spend wonderful days in the wild valleys, where the chamois, the 'Bear or the Wolf live in stunning scenery creating unforgettable memories.

Abruzzo, the cradle of an ancient civilization that has kept the costumes and the soul of the past, in an environment of nature intact and protected, allows a wide variety of trips, tours and itineraries.
You can travel on a modern and efficient road network to experience the parks, the Oasis and Reserves with their beautiful flora and fauna; participate in traditional festivals, fairs and festivals, which enhance the ancient spirit of pastoral and peasant; visit the monuments, artistic and historical, through ancient times, the Middle Ages and the sixteenth century, come to our times; taste the traditional dishes and buy crafts in the shops of the villages.

Abruzzo in the pastoral traditions of the mountain, linked to those of plain peasant, have contributed over the centuries to the authenticity and goodness of the flavors of the table.
Oil, Cheeses, Wines, Pastes, Salami, Sweets, are some of the products that combine high quality with the authenticity of tradition.
The culinary culture of Abruzzo is a reality that is born in the past centuries, combining the simplicity of the kitchen with the goodness and richness of crops and animals.
The kitchen is one of the tastiest ways to live the life of the Region, that great cooks and chefs from Abruzzo exported with great success in Italy and worldwide.

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- Abruzzo, made in nature, made in Italy

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