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Municipal offices / Town hall:
›Mayor of Rhêmes-Notre-Dame and municipal administration
›Registry Office - Technical Office - IMU TASI Land Registry
›City Council - Administrative elections data

Address city hall
Fraction Bruil, 13

Useful Numbers
+39 0165 936114
+39 0165 936162

Email PEC:
corporate website -


Useful information and travel guide:

number Population : 89 (01-01-2017 - Istat)
asl : 1.725 mt.
Sq km area. : 86,70
name of the inhabitants : Rhemeins
Tax code : 00138020078
Postal Code : 11010
Istat code : 007055
Cadastral code : H262

›Name in local language:

Noutra Dama de Réma

Tourist area Gran Paradiso

Rhêmes-Notre-Dame (Gran Paradiso) is a totally mountain municipality of 89 inhabitants, located at 1.725 meters above sea level in the Aosta, Its territory covers an area of ​​86,70 sq. km.

Rhêmes-Notre-Dame it's a common sparse of the Val di Rhêmes, side valley of the Valle d'Aosta.
It is the southernmost municipality in the region.

In the 1928 the fascist government unified the two municipalities of Rhêmes-Notre-Dame e Rhêmes-Saint-Georges in a single municipal entity (Rhêmes, with capital Rhêmes-Saint Georges).
In 1939 the name of the municipality was Italianized in Val di Rema.
After the Liberation, in the 1946, the two municipalities reconstituted themselves and took over the previous names.

Monuments and places of interest
The municipality is part of the Gran Paradiso National Park.
The high altitude limestone environments of the Val di Rhêmes are a site of community interest.
In fraction Artalle there is a wood of monumental larch trees.

Museum of numismatics and mineralogy
"Bentornato Gipeto" exhibition at the Visitor Center of the Gran Paradiso National Park
Parish museum

The economy revolves around the tourism, mainly winter.
They are present both impianti di risalita for the practice of Alpine skiing what slopes for the practice of cross country.
It is also possible to practice it ski mountaineering, ice climbing and snowshoeing.
During the summer it is possible to practice Hiking, Climbing and any practicable activity in the mountains.

In general, it is a less crowded place than other well-known holiday resorts, which makes its points of strength peaceful and unspoilt.

As for craftsmanship, important is the wood processing aimed at the realization of various objects, among which agricultural tools.

Text taken from:
- Wikipedia (Creative Commons)

Photo by: Rinina25 Twice25

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fractions and localities of the City of Rhêmes-Notre-Dame


other locations

Artalle, Brenand, Bruil, Carré, Chanavey, Chaudanne, Oreiller, Pellaud, Pont, Thumel

The City of Rhêmes-Notre-Dame is part of:

Gran Paradiso
Grand Paradis Mountain Community

How to get there / Map:

Map of Rhêmes-Notre-Dame

Map / How to get there:
GPS / Geographical coordinates of Rhêmes-Notre-Dame
45 ° 34'10.49 " N
07 ° 07'6.83 " E

Turin Caselle International Airport

58,7 Km.

Highway A5 Aosta West - Saint-Pierre

18,5 Km.

A5 Morgex motorway

20,4 Km.

A5 Courmayeur Sud motorway

25,3 Km.

Aosta station

24,2 Km.

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