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City of Marsala

Municipal offices / Town hall:
›Mayor of Marsala and municipal administration
›Registry Office - Technical Office - IMU TASI Land Registry
›City Council - Administrative elections data

Address city hall
Via Garibaldi, 1

Useful Numbers
phone: +39 0923 993111
phone: +39 0923 953402

Email PEC:
corporate website -

Municipality of Marsala: info IMU - TASI - TARI 2019
Employment centers Province of Trapani: Job offers
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Useful information and travel guide:

number Population : 83.232 (01-01-2017 - Istat)
asl : 12 mt.
Sq km area. : 241,70
name of the inhabitants : marsalesi
Tax code : 00139550818
Postal Code : 91025
Istat code : 081011
Cadastral code : E974

Marsala (Sicily - Italy)

Marsala is a coastal municipality of 83.232 inhabitants, located at 12 meters above sea level Province of Trapani, Its territory covers an area of ​​241,70 sq. km.

Marsala living.
In Marsala it goes on the floor.
And it also goes by sea.
Because besides the land, which here has ancient traditions where the generosity of the vineyards found farsighted British entrepreneurs like Whitaker who "invented" the Marsala wine (Marsala was also "of Europe Wine City"), there is the sea.
Just turn your back to the city for trespassing look in the Mediterranean and discover a Marsala who also lives in the sea, with its marina and promenade where you can 'appreciate the beauty of the crystal clear waters.

Cellars and dishes, so the city conquers palates.
Among the wineries still breathe the tradition passed down from generation to generation.
You need to go between the barrel (from Martinez can do it by candlelight) to understand what it's like an aged Marsala.
And among the companies meet generations of wine makers, today called wine.
A tasty and discovery route not to be missed.
Not least the food and wine.
It is not difficult to eat well in the city.
One that stands out is the Sicilian cuisine, fresh fish coming from the local navy and sweets which are well accompanied with Marsala.
The table wine may not be missing.
For the vines there is a varied choice.
Just do not lose heart and enjoy them well matched to the food.

History and tradition in the wine town.
There is the story of peoples settled with the island of Mozia, the Stagnone lagoon is now known in Europe as one of the windiest places, ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing.
And it should not be surprising if, while you reach the island on board of the fishermen's boats, sailors cross each other while the salters are still gathering the white gold by hand, the sea salt in the shade of mills now in disuse.
It is a show that only here, with respect to all countries of the world, you can see where the old resists the modern and where water sports respect the long history of places and traditions.
But Marsala is a city that should be lived, especially within.
Dive into the old town is, as in a snorkeling stop, look, surprising and rich.
To start from Baglio Anselmi with Punic ship recovered in the sea and finds that illustrate how rich the Mediterranean, crossed by sailors, merchants and pirates.
Then the colorful mosaics of the Imperial Roman villas, the majestic Spanish fortifications, the museum of Flemish tapestries.
In the heart of the historic center also relives the epic Garibaldi with the museum dedicated to Giacomo Giustolisi.
His latest exhibition brings together ancient and multimedia: the relics of Garibaldi and the voices of actors reading acts and letters of Marsala with Garibaldi.

The Italian text is taken from:
- Brochure "aMareFest"

Photo by: Francesco Zaia

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fractions and localities of the Municipality of Marsala

Birgi, Ranna, Bosco, Paolini, Terrenove, Strasatti, Ciavalotto

Marsala is part of:

National Association of Wine Cities

How to get there / Map:

Marsala map

Map / How to get there:
GPS / Geographical coordinates of Marsala
37 ° 47'53.38 " N
12 ° 26'1.64 " E

Marsala station

Trapani - Birgi

12,8 Km.

Palermo Airport - Punta Raisi

73,0 Km.

Motorway A29 Mazara del Vallo

21,5 Km.

Trapani port

24,8 Km.

Port of Palermo

89,5 Km.

(Distances are to be understood "as the crow flies.")

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