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City of Mamoiada

Municipal offices / Town hall:
›Mayor of Mamoiada and municipal administration
›Registry Office - Technical Office - IMU TASI Land Registry
›City Council - Administrative elections data

Address city hall
Corso Vittorio Emanuele III, 50

Useful Numbers
phone: +39 0784 56023
phone: +39 0784 56700

Email PEC: protocollo.mamoiada @
corporate website -

Municipality of Mamoiada: info IMU - TASI - TARI 2019
Employment centers Province of Nuoro: Job offers

Useful information and travel guide:

number Population : 2.543 (01-01-2017 - Istat)
asl : 644 mt.
Sq km area. : 49,00
name of the inhabitants :
Tax code : 93002340912
Postal Code : 08024
Istat code : 091046
Cadastral code : E874

Mamoiada (Sardinia - Italy)

Mamoiada is a totally mountain municipality of 2.543 inhabitants, located at 644 meters above sea level in the Province of Nuoro, Its territory covers an area of ​​49,00 sq. km.

The town of Mamoiada is located in the heart of Barbagia Ollolai, it can be reached from Cagliari, Sassari, Oristano and Olbia via Highway 131 and 131 turnoff to Nuoro, (the provincial capital).
From there, just take the new SS 389 (ssv fast - Direction road slide. Lanusei and Tortolì) and after about 15 km you reach the small town.
Mamoiada is a charming hillside town, in central Sardinia, the 2.700 inhabitants, the altitude of the municipality is between the 390 1.048 mei m above sea level while the town is located at an average altitude of 650 meters. The territory of just 4900 hectares is rich in natural springs, rivers, grassland and crops; rich in cattle pastures and numerous vineyards that sustain the most flourishing business: the production of fine wines and cheeses.
Museum of Mediterranean 'Masks In operation since 2001 is a unique museum of its kind.
Language - Mamoiada belongs to one of the most characteristic linguistic areas of Sardinia, the Barbagia of Ollolai, in which the spoken are marked by special phonetic and lexical phenomena. They recur in Mamoiada characteristics barbaricino dialect noted by the great scholar of Sardinian language Max Leopold Wagner, as the glottal stop often to replace the 'k' and 'c'.
The country possesses vast areas of archaeological interest, human settlement in this area dates back to the Neolithic and pre-Neolithic because the signs of very ancient civilizations in the area with a variety of significant archaeological and anthropological traces (from the votive stone, dolmen, the domos de janas, the dolmens, the tombs of the giants, to the menhir there are about fifty of sites) and a fascinating place names.
There are numerous 'Domus de Janas', small tombs from the Neolithic-prenuragic period, carved out of granite.
Particularly interesting are Honcheddas Sas in the locality 'Istevene', a group of 'tombs' carved into the granite mountain spur.
The small cemetery is known for the presence, in one of the tombs, symbolic elements (a taurine head, incisions and some cups and dimples), quite rare in the Domus de Janas of Nuoro.
But the most sensational discovery is to a large 'Menhir' Granite said 'Sa Perda Pintà.

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Pro Loco Mamoiada

Association for local tourism promotion
Via Sardegna, 13
Tel. 0784 569032
Fax 0784 569032
Mobile tel. 380 6899969

Mamoiada is part of:

Mountain Community Nuorese

How to get there / Map:

Map Mamoiada

Map / How to get there:
GPS / Geographical coordinates of Mamoiada
40 ° 12'59.98 " N
09 ° 16'60 " E

Oristano Airport - Fenosu

65,1 Km.

Olbia - Costa Smeralda

78,8 Km.

Alghero International Airport - Fertilia

95,3 Km.

Arbatax harbor

47,5 Km.

Port of Olbia

81,2 Km.

Port of Aranci Gulf

91,3 Km.

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