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Address city hall
Via della Libertà, 11

Useful Numbers
phone: +39 079 824025
phone: +39 079 824164

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number Population : 287 (01-01-2017 - Istat)
asl : 471 mt.
Sq km area. : 4,80
name of the inhabitants : boruttesi
Tax code : 00256690900
Postal Code : 07040
Istat code : 090015
Cadastral code : B064

City of Borutta (Sardinia - Italy)

Borutta is a municipality of 287 inhabitants, located at 471 meters slm in the Province of Sassari, Its territory covers an area of ​​4,80 sq. km.

Borutta it's a municipality of Sardinia, in the ancient historical-geographical region of Meilogu.

In its territory is the famous former cathedral in the Pisan Romanesque style of San Pietro di Sorres, recognized Italian national monument from 1894.

Il territory of Borutta it develops along the valley of the Rio Frida, south of Mount Pelao and is located on the northern part of the plain of Sorres.
La "Ulari" natural cave, is the oldest evidence of the presence of man in the territory and was inhabited in the recent Neolithic (3500 BC) as evidenced by the numerous findings of finds such as axes, artifacts in flint and obsidian, crockery and human bones.
The place called monte Sorrano which is located above the Ulàri cave, assumes great importance thanks to the disappeared city of Sorra (or Sorres), which was the bishop's seat and together with the village of Borutta, belonged in the Middle Ages to judged of Torres and was part of the curatoria of the Meilogu, of which Sorres was the capital.
At the fall of the judged (1259), it passed to the Lordship of the Dorias, and later to the Aragonese, under whom it became a fief.
During the period of the Aragonese domination, the population of Sorres, survived by the various massacres, poured on Borutta even before the 1388 after Sorres was razed to the ground and Borutta became the bishop's residence.
In the 1503 the diocese was suppressed and united with that of Sassari.
In the 1750 it was incorporated into the marquisate of Valdecalzana, granted to the Martinez and then to the De Queralt, to whom it was redeemed in 1839 after the suppression of the feudal system.

In April 1946 was elected mayor in this country Ninetta Bartoli, along with the Marches Ada Natali and the Pugliese Maria Chieco Bianchi, was one of the first three mayors in Italy and has held this role for twelve years.

Monuments and places of interest
- San Pietro di Sorres: built between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries
- Oratory of Santa Croce: built in the twelfth century
- Parish Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, built in the 18th century
- Punta 'plateau and walls: on the small plateau the presence of a series of furraghes (limestone) are testifying about a century of lime production.
- Cave sa Rocca Ulari located just below the monastery

The main festival of the village is the feast of St. Peter of Sorres, the 29 of June

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Photo by: Danfad

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