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- Mayor of Bessude and municipal administration
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Your Roman 38

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phone: +39 079 886157

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number Population : 413 (01-01-2017 - Istat)
asl : 447 mt.
Sq km area. : 26,80
name of the inhabitants : bessudesi
Tax code : 80005300902
Postal Code : 07040
Istat code : 090010
Cadastral code : A827

City of Bessude (Sardinia - Italy)

Bessude is a totally mountain municipality of 413 inhabitants, located at 447 meters above sea level in the Province of Sassari, Its territory covers an area of ​​26,80 sq. km.

Bessude it's a municipality of Sardinia, in the ancient Logudoro-Meilogu region and is 32 km from the provincial capital.
Part of Union of the Meilogu communes.
It is located in a valley opposite the Monte Pelao.

The country is divided into two areas: the historic center of Bessude and the new district, called by the bessudesi "Sa sea".
The two districts are connected by a road called Poja, where the public houses overlook.
Also in this street there are a ancient watering hole and a stream (which disappears for most of the year).

The area of Bessude it has been inhabited since pre-Nuragic and Nuraghic times, as some testify Domus de Janas and the Nuraghe di San Teodoro near the inhabited area.

The current inhabited center, however, exists since the XIII century; belonged to the judged of Torres and was part of the curatoria of Caputabbas.
The fall of the judged (1259) passed to the Doria and then to the Aragonese, under whom it became a fief.
In the sixteenth century also Bessude was hit by a wave of plague, which decimated the population; it was repopulated after some years and incorporated into the 1636 in the marquisate of Montemaggiore.
It was redeemed at the Manca, the last feudal lords, in the 1839.

Monuments and places of interest
Within the village there are three churches.
As in most Sardinian countries, there is one dedicated to the Holy Cross (in Sardinian Santa Rughe), located at the entrance to the town.
At the highest point of Bessude is the parish church of San Martino, which takes its name from the patron saint of the village.
Finally, recently restored, it is the church of San Leonardo, the oldest in the country and former parish.
Around the village there are other religious buildings including the church of Santa Maria della Natività, known in the country as "Our Segnora de Runaghes".

Archaeological sites
- Domus de janas of Enas de Cannuja
- The nuraghe of San Teodoro and the domus de janas, adorned with cave paintings.

Finally we recall the murals painted on the facades of some houses.
Many of these paintings have been made recently and are distinguished from others by their small size.

Festivals and popular traditions
A festival and that of the cicciones a particular type of pasta that is worked by hand.

Text taken from:
- Wikipedia (Creative Commons)

Photo by: Gianni Careddu

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Sa Sea

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