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City of Bergamo

Municipal offices / Town hall:
›Mayor of Bergamo and municipal administration
›Registry Office - Technical Office - IMU TASI Land Registry
›City Council - Administrative elections data

Address city hall
piazza Matteotti, 27

Useful Numbers
phone: +39 035 399111
phone: +39 035 399571

Email PEC:
corporate website -

Municipality of Bergamo: info IMU - TASI - TARI 2019
Employment centers Province of Bergamo: Job offers
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Useful information and travel guide:

number Population : 120.287 (01-01-2017 - Istat)
asl : 249 mt.
Sq km area. : 39,60
name of the inhabitants : Bergamo
Tax code : 80034840167
Postal Code : 24100
Istat code : 016024
Cadastral code : A794

Bergamo (Lombardy - Italy)

Bergamo is a town of 120.287 inhabitants, located 249 meters above sea level in the homonymous province, its territory covers an area of ​​39,60 sq km.

Bergamo is the capital of the province, the city bordered by seven hills on the northern side and thus divided into two distinct parts, the Lower Town ( "Sità Basa" at Bergamo) and High City ("Sità Ólta" in Bergamo).

Thousand cities - Bergamo and its province contributed to the "shipment of the Thousand"With a considerable number of citizens, 174, belonging to all social classes excluding the rural world.
Some of them took on historic stature and national importance not only as partisans but as patriots for their participation in the events of 1848.
They distinguished themselves particularly Gabriele Camozzi and his wife Alba Corals, Francesco Nullo and Francesco Cucchi, Daniele Piccinini, Vittore Tasca and other less well-known, especially in Garibaldi's campaign that earned him the official title of Bergamo "Thousand cities".

Bergamo Alta
Bergamo Alta (also called "High City"Or, in the past, the city, as opposed to the villages) is one medieval city, surrounded by bastions erected in the sixteenth century, during the Venetian domination, which was added to the pre-existing fortifications in order to make it an impregnable fortress.
Bergamo is one of 4 Italian cities (along with Ferrara, Lucca and Grosseto), whose old town is completely surrounded by walls which, in turn, have kept intact their original appearance over the centuries.
The best known and frequented part of Bergamo Alta is Old Town Square, With the fountain of the Contarini, Palazzo della Ragione Civic Tower (called the "Campanone"), Which still today at 22 hours 100 body shells - those who in the past announced the closing night of the doors of the Venetian walls - and other buildings that surround it on all sides.
Imposing, on the opposite side to the Palazzo della Ragione, the large white building of the New Palace hosting the Angelo Mai Library.
On the south side of Old Town Square are the Duomo Colleoni Chapel architect Giovanni Antonio Amadeo with the funeral monuments to the leader Bartolomeo Colleoni and his daughter Medea, the Baptistery and Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.
The latter church, town, not the diocese, inside bears the signs of the various architectural periods that have occurred since its construction.
Worthy of note are the inlays depicting biblical scenes made of wood of various colors, the drawings of which are attributed to Lorenzo Lotto, and an imposing baroque confessional sculpted by Andrea Fantoni.
The church houses the tomb of the musician Gaetano Donizetti.
Via Colleoni, also known as "Corsarola", colleague Old Town Square a Piazza della Cittadella and it's the heart of "high City".
In Piazza della Cittadella there are the "Archaeological Civic Museum" and the "Enrico Caffi Museum"Of natural sciences.
High City, in addition to hosting a Botanical Garden site into "Via Colle Aperto", it is also home to a renowned faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures whose prestige is recognized in Europe.
High City it can be reached on foot through the "scorlazzini" (stairways that connect it to the lower part of the city from several points), by car (even if it is forbidden during the weekends), with the funicolare or by bus.

Lower Bergamo
Lower Bergamo, crossed by the Morla stream for well 8 kilometers, it is born from the development of some villages arranged along the main communication ways that descending from the hills led to the floor; the main villages are Borgo Canale, Borgo San Leonardo today via Sant'Alessandro, Borgo San Tommaso, Borgo Santa Caterina, Borgo Pignolo and Borgo Palazzo.
This unique urban layout used to be called simply "intensity" the old city and "borgh" the current lower Bergamo.
Lower Bergamo is the Town Hall, the Prefecture and the Province.
Its center is the area between New door and the "Sentierone"- paved driveway which in past centuries was the station of the horse-drawn carriages.
The main artery of Lower Bergamo it is Viale Papa Giovanni XXIII, which goes from the railway station to New door.
On the "Sentierone"It overlooks the main city theater, the municipal administration properties, named after Gaetano Donizetti.
Worthy of note, in the area, is the "monument to the partisan" by Giacomo Manzù.
In the northern area of ​​the low city is situated Accademia Carrara (Founded by conte Giacomo Carrara in 1796), home to art exhibitions.
One of the last to have had national resonance was devoted to the paintings by Lorenzo Lotto.
Others museums of Bergamo are the Donizetti Museum Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art, Historical Museum, Museo Matris Domini, archaeological Museum, Museum of Natural Sciences, L 'Botanical Garden.
Located in via Sant'Alessandro is the sixteenth century Monastery of St. Benedict, still home to an active claustral community.
In addition to Angelo Mai there are numerous libraries, among which the new one stands out "A. Tiraboschi" civic library located in via San Bernardino 74.

Internal transport
The city center is quite small, so you can get around on foot or by bike; the city also has a good bus service that covers the entire city and the nearby valleys.
urban bus network Tickets: you can not buy tickets on board!
You can buy them in some bars, newsagents, ATB offices or automatic machines, which are located at the train station, at some bus stops and close to the funicolare.
Contacts: 035 236026

How to get

  • By car
    A4 Motorway Milan-Venice, exit Bergamo
  • On the train
    From any city in Italy.
  • By plane
    International Orio al Serio Airport (035 326323)
    From start flights of low cost airlines Ryanair and WizzAir and scheduled Alitalia, Lufthansa, Air Dolomiti, MeridianaFly, etc.
    The city is accessible from the airport by taxi (035 4519090) or by local bus line 1C (ATB)

Photo by: Davide Ripamonti

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IAT Office Bergamo - High Town

Office information and tourist reception
Via Gombito, 13
Tel. 035 242226

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Città Alta Bergamo

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Map of Bergamo

Map / How to get there:
GPS / Geographic coordinates of Bergamo
45 ° 41'41.57 " N
09 ° 40'11.72 " E

A4 Bergamo motorway

Bergamo station

Bergamo International Airport - Orio al Serio

4,6 Km.

Linate Airport

40,0 Km.

Bresso Airport

40,3 Km.

Brescia Airport - Montichiari

59,4 Km.

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