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City of Saludecio

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Address city hall
Piazza Beato Amato Ronconi, 1

Useful Numbers
phone: +39 0541 86971
phone: +39 0541 981624

Email PEC: comune.saludecio @
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number Population : 3.082 (01-01-2017 - Istat)
asl : 343 mt.
Sq km area. : 34,00
name of the inhabitants : saludecesi
Tax code : 82006930406
Postal Code : 47835
Istat code : 099015
Cadastral code : H724

Saludecio (Emilia Romagna - Italy)

saludecio is a municipality of 3.082 inhabitants, located at 343 meters slm in the Province of Rimini, Its territory covers an area of ​​34,00 sq. km.

This side of the Signoria Malatesta hills have a gentle and stretched profile, ideal to build on castles and villages where defensive purposes and civil development could coexist and give their best.
So it was for that Saludecio from 1500 1800 until it has become the most important town in this part of the Conca.
A small capital where refined palaces and village houses have created a popular and noble style at the same time, which has remained intact to this day. A large church, almost a cathedral, dominates the square, a small but well-kept museum tells the art and history of the town, the walls are surrounded by tree-lined avenues and gardens, the inner streets come alive during the summer thanks to a series of reviews and parties.
On these hills men have settled since ancient times; because they are fertile, with great weather, easy to live and, not least, very beautiful. It is therefore normal that they are related in Saludecio of Roman times and the top medieval, and it is obvious that here was born a rich and powerful country that has managed to consolidate its position even after the defeat of the Malatesta family.
Che pit uno dei centri principali della linea difensiva my reed una delle più comunità florida della Signoria oggi è ancor molto obvious.
In più nel XIII secolo live Saludecio has a personaggio fama al paese che DARÀ in tutte le circostanti earth: he Beato Amato Ronconi, figura molto religiosa important reed I nostri tempi, nella devozione Popolare.
Like all other castles in the area, Saludecio sees the continual disputes between the Malatesta and Montefeltro, and then go back to the big jobs (XIII, XIV, XV) for the construction of a fortress and a broad and strong walls in which it remains harmoniously enclosed the old Town.
The end of the Malatesta domain does not, however, marks, unlike what happens in other places, the beginning of the decline: powerful families built fine mansions, local intellectuals conquered great fame, a church was built which can be considered a small cathedral and again nell'800 the town grew equipping the institutions that led her to be the capital of the Conca valley.
Keeping everything in a measured and elegant throughout the ancient structure. Today, agriculture and tourism are the two cards that Saludecio plays to confirm one of the privileged places of the Signoria Malatesta.
Per la sua consolidata tradizione dei wall è entrata a far parte delle "Città dei muri dipinti".

Text taken from:
Guide Malatesta
(Department of Tourism of the Province of Rimini)

Photo by: T. Mosconi

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Apple Orchard
San Rocco
Santa Maria del Monte

other locations

Cerreto, Meleto, San Rocco, Santa Maria del Monte, Sant 'Ansovino

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