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Municipal offices / Town hall:
- Mayor of Mammola and municipal administration
- Registry office - Technical Office - Cadastre IMU TASI
- City Council - Data elections

Address city hall
Dante Street

Useful Numbers
phone: +39 0964 414025
phone: +39 0964 414003

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number Population : 2.781 (01-01-2017 - Istat)
asl : 240 mt.
Sq km area. : 80,60
name of the inhabitants :
Tax code : 00221370802
Postal Code : 89045
Istat code : 080044
Cadastral code : E873

Town of Mammola (Calabria - Italy)

Mammola is a totally mountain municipality of 2.781 inhabitants, located at 240 meters above sea level in the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria, Its territory covers an area of ​​80,60 sq. km.

The town is located on the Ionic side of Calabria, between the Aspromonte and Serre is located between the sea and the mountains along the SGC Jonio-Tirreno of the Limina pass.
Inhabited since the time of Ancient Greece, its origin dates back to IV - V century BC, it was built on the ruins of Malea, Locrian colony mentioned by Thucydides.
The country, rich in art, history and culture, deserves a special visit, retains all its fascinating beauty of the medieval village with its narrow streets of the Kasbah (Kasbah), the picturesque Little squares, the houses falling over each other and the proud Palazzi beautiful for its architecture and of course the ancient Churches, true masterpieces of architecture and painting.
Particular interest the Grange of Santa Barbara (Sec. XI), two kilometers of the town, home to the renowned Santa Barbara Museum founded by the famous painter Nik Spatari, which annually attracts hundreds of artists from all parts of the world.
Destination of religious tourism is the Sanctuary of St. Nicodemus, the town's patron saint, who lived in Sec. X, founder of the Monastery on Mount Kellerana, three km of the Passo della Limina, the Sanctuary lies in the Aspromonte National Park and is the point historical, religious and spiritual reference for many people, today abode of a hermit Monaco and is popular with tourists and faithful throughout the year.
Rare testimonies to visit are the ruins of the "Mine Macariace" which is located along the torrent Macariace and the Mill of Old water, still working, valuable testimony of industrial archeology.
There are numerous trails for hikers.
For some time now, and Mammoth considered landmark tourist and gastronomic Calabrian population and many tourists staying in nearby Sicily and in Calabria.
Mammola is also Doorway and Visitor Center of the National Park.
The very tasty mammolese kitchen, takes into account the traditions and wealth of products, offering many varied dishes made with old recipes handed down through generations and boasts a traditional culture of cuisine, as to be quoted in many magazines, books, guides national and regional gastronomy.
The "Stocco" (pescestocco or dried cod), cooked in various ways, and the pride of all the delicious dishes, the other typical blockbuster products are: the typical smoked ricotta of Mammola, goat cheeses, meats to the genuine chili and fennel, the "pizza" (corn bread) and homemade bread wheat, real delicacy are the "pruppetti" meatballs and stuffed eggplant mammolese and the various types of mushrooms cooked in various ways.

- A3 SA-RC motorway junction Rosario, along the Great Commission 682 SS Ionian-Tyrrhenian (Rosano-Gioiosa) exit Mammoth;
- From the SS Jonica. 106-E90, SS 682 SGC Jonio-Tirreno Mammola output

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Closed, Santo Todaro, Aspalmo

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Aspromonte National Park
Mountain Community Of Limina

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