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Green Idea at Fabbrico - Emilia Romagna

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Emilia Romagna

Green Idea

Festival dedicated to plants and flowers

RE fabbrico
»Streets and squares of the center
» Emilia Romagna - ITALY

Event Period: April

For information and registration:
Pro Loco Fabbrico
phone: +39 370 3518540

IDEA VERDE 2019 - 13 / 14 April
FABBRICO - (Reggio Emilia)

Show market of nursery and floriculture, equipment and furniture of the green, beekeeping.
Usually held on the second Sunday of April.
When it coincides with Easter, the fair goes to the following weekend.
It is the most important event for the country and attracts several thousand people from neighboring countries.
It took the place of the ancient fair that took place in coincidence with the patron saint in August.

Back again this year party dedicated to plants and flowers.
GREEN IDEA it is a real village festival, during which the voluntary associations, the shopkeepers and the individual citizens transform the country into one big square.
Music, voices, colors take over and create a pleasant atmosphere in which to spend a day together.
Around the market show of plants and flowers an extensive program of exhibitions, craft exhibitions, cultural, musical and entertainment events for all tastes and all ages revolves.
Not forgetting the scents of foods that have never been missed, some of which have become the symbol of Fabbrico.
All starting from the tradition and from History of Fabbrico.

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GPS / Geographical coordinates Idea Verde - Fabbrico
44 ° 52'17.36 " N
10 ° 48'39.49 " E

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