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Sagra de Sa Pàdrula in Silius - Sardinia

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Sagra de Sa Pàdrula

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Silius SU
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Event Period: June

The event is an event organized by "Pro-loco Tourist Association Silius" with the Patronage of the City of Silius and the RAS, in collaboration with the parish priest Don Nicolò, the cultural associations, the socio-economic subjects present in the territory and the entire population of Silius.
Organized each year on recurrence of "On Sinnadroxu", Recurrence linked to the agro-pastoral world and coinciding with the day of the Ascension, has as its scenery the streets, the squares, the buildings of the historical center and the main tourist sites of the territory of Sili.

The aforementioned festival is growing year by year, always keeping a good balance and presenting some of the key objectives of our association's statute: promotion of local identity and cultural heritage, promotion and promotion of traditional production, transformation and marketing of the "padrula"And all local food products; Incentive and support of the typical productions, in particular of those artesanales and artistic; Promotion of the beauties of the area such as the "Castello di Orguglioso", the mining sites of "Muscadroxiu" and "Genna Tres Montis".

The event was born in April 1995 to promote what is par excellence the typical siliese sweet: the "cheese cheese" called by the siliesi "Pàdrula".
The dessert in question is the result of an ancient tradition, jealously guarded and handed down from generation to generation by the housewives of the village.
Tradition wanted that sweet was prepared near the Easter period and the peculiarity of it was in the so-called "pizzusu" or the processing of the outer part of the sweet disc of pasta, which consisted of forming small folds through which we proceeded to close the shell containing the dough; today the expert hands of the country manage to get to 31 "pizzusu".
The festival was born with the objective to promote and raise awareness at all a typical food product siliese closely linked to traditional processes of production and transformation of raw materials, which together with the ancient knowledge, remain the focus for achieving optimal product.

The event, revisited over the years, has attracted the curiosity and appreciation of hundreds and hundreds of visitors from all over Sardinia to become a real means of tourist promotion for Silius.

The strong link between rural territory and natural elements such as land, archaeological and monumental sites, local productions, typical products and artistic craftsmanship, become elements to see, touch and admire.
The siliesi, custodians of the know-how of the country, will exhibit their products inside ancient houses and ancient portals still present in the historical center, and they, together with the monumental assets and the main historical buildings, will constitute a tourist route called " Potalis Antigus "; such an itinerary to rediscover the past will allow a guided experiential journey within the tradition, productions and secrets kept in local costumes and products.

Great attraction element of this edition will be the parade with folk groups, traditional Sardinian masks and knights.

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Map of Sagra de Sa Pàdrula

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GPS / Geographic coordinates Sagra de Sa Pàdrula - Silius
39 ° 30'58.97 " N
09 ° 17'43 " E
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