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Montepulciano, Bravìo of the barrels

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Bravìo barrels

Montepulciano SI
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Event Period: August

After the wait, everything is ready for the edition of 2015 Bravìo of barrels in Montepulciano.
Streets and squares of Montepulciano is preparing to live the most challenging and exciting week of the year, from proclaiming the bearer of 22 Saturday, until you reach the climax with Sunday's race 30 August.

The first event is scheduled for Friday August 21, 20 starting at the Piazza Grande producers of Vino Nobile will enjoy visitors, enthusiasts and tourists the best wine productions of the territory.
During the evening, promoted as told by the Consorzio del Vino Nobile in cooperation with the Magistrate of the Contrade, you can taste the Nobile DOCG, but also other products such as Rosso di Montepulciano DOC in combination with typical products.
Leading the tasting and to illustrate the characteristics of the different labels and other local specialties, will be the same producers.
All will be accompanied by live music by Daria and Margaretha.

Saturday 22 August, early official Bravìo 2015 with the traditional evening appointment that opens the week of events.
The procession will pass through the historic center, with the set of each district divided into terzieri that parade through the city starting from the territory.
In Piazza Grande, starting from 22, the ceremony will take place with the reading of the proclamation and the greeting by the Gonfaloniere, followed by the banner of the Sbandieratori Group and Tamburini di Montepulciano.
Following the show entitled "Flames", created and staged by the company Materiaviva, inspired by the world of the ancient medieval jesters and martial arts, stilts, juggling, object manipulation fiery and many special effects.

Sunday 23 August, in addition to the award ceremony of the thirteenth edition of the recipes created by the journalist Bruna Gambacorta with the Consorzio del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, "At the Table with the Noble", meeting at 16: 00 from Colonna del Marzocco with the historical walk.
Traveling exhibitions of the group Wavers and Tamburini entertain tourists and Poliziani through the city, up to the Poliziano Theatre, where it will be presented the cloth 2015, painted this year by the Sienese artist Cesare Olmastroni and inspired by the First World War.

Finally, the hours 18.00, the Piazza Grande will be exposed and the cloth will be held the vaunted small and large Wavers and Tamburini di Montepulciano.
Pm 21: 00 23 Sunday August until Friday, August 28, testing night pushers leaving from Marzocco's column for all the historical center; every night, dinners and entertainment in eight districts, to accompany joy in the town of Montepulciano to the big race of the Bravìo Botti Sunday 30 August.

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Map Bravìo of the barrels

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GPS / Geographical coordinates Bravìo delle botti - Montepulciano
43 ° 05'37.03 " N
11 ° 46'53.4 " E
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