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Ori di Sogliano in Sogliano al Rubicone - Emilia Romagna

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Ori Sogliano

Sogliano the Rubicon FC
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Event Period: June

Also this year Sogliano and its treasures welcome you as guests in our streets, alleys and squares for this traditional event of hospitality.
Music, street performers, painters, typical products tasting, craft beer, free museums, streets of well-being, help to make your visit enjoyable and interesting.
You can get carried away in the magical atmosphere in the old village, marked by cordiality of the people from Rubicon that distinguishes this land forever suspended between sea and sky.
At the end of the evening huge fireworks display and then all of Italy to follow the game on the big big screen set up in Piazza Matteotti.
Once again we will have occasion to meet and know each other in a night of celebration, in which Sogliano showcases for you all its gold.

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GPS / Geographic coordinates Ori di Sogliano - Sogliano al Rubicone
44 ° 00'27 " N
12 ° 18'15.98 " E
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Pro Loco Sogliano al Rubicone

Tourist Service
Piazza Matteotti, 41
Mobile tel. 339 4022593

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Events, traditional festivities and food and wine festivals

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