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Palio del Niballo in Faenza - Emilia Romagna

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Event Medieval - Knight games

Faenza RA
»Piazza del Popolo and Stadio Bruno Neri
» Emilia Romagna - ITALY

Date Event start: 23.6.2019
End date of event: 23.6.2019

For information and registration:
+39 0546 25231

Return the famous and traditional horse race of the five districts of Faenza, during which the knights, armed with spear, fight against the Niballo, depicted by a two-faced warrior.
The race is enriched by oaths, week of Bigorda d'Oro and of Palio, propitiatory dinners, historical processions in Renaissance costume e flag-waving races.

Il Palio del Niballo in Faenza takes place every year on the fourth Sunday of June at the Bruno Neri Stadium.
The event draws its own origins from jousting and knightly tournaments that took place throughout Italy since the Middle Ages.
In period of the Palio, five banners with the colors and symbols of each district, five "fierce" factions live a frenetic wait, as required by the best tradition of great tournaments.
To the four ancient ancient medieval doors of Faenza corresponded the four districts in which the city was divided: the Porta Ponte district (now Yellow district), the district of Porta Imolese (Red), the district of Porta Ravegnana (Black), the district of Porta Montanara (Green).
Il Borgo Durbecco (Rione Bianco) was not part of this subdivision into neighborhoods: its origin dates back to ancient times and entered by right in the competition between the districts as an indivisible part of the city.
In the week before the competition, the five districts propose a very dense program with parties, concerts and dinners based on medieval and traditional dishes.

The Race:
Starting from the same point of the field, the contenders walk a horseshoe track in the opposite direction until they meet on the Niballo, an "Saracino" warrior with open arms ending with a disk of 8 cm. in diameter.
The Knight who strikes first the disk triggers a mechanism that lifts the arm and blocks the other.
Each contender challenge twice all the other riders.
Every victory by winning the right to shield the ward defeated.
Il Palio Niballo (drape of red satin finely embroidered by hand), is assigned to the district that will have acquired the largest number of shields.
The second should be the reward of Porchetta, the third Gallo and Garlic.
Il parade which precedes the Palio and starts from Piazza del Popolo up to the field of challenge is one of the most elegant shows of the event.
Ladies and knights, lords of the noble families of Faenza, armigers, pages, tambourines, clarinets and many other historical figures parade through the streets of the center making the city reborn ancient medieval atmospheres to which the costumes are inspired.
Each dress is made by following carefully tailoring the ancient canons of the fifteenth century.

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