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Procession of the Rinchinata in Cannara - Umbria

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Procession of Rinchinata

Cannock PG
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Event Period: April

The Rinchinata, is held on Easter Sunday.
Two distinct processions accompanying respectively the output of the statue of the Risen Christ by St. Matthew and that of the Virgin by St. Blaise.
In the churchyard of the parish meet and the bow is made of two statues that must be fulfilled in perfect synchronization, supported by members of the brotherhoods.
From the success of the rite are drawn still wishes for the summer harvest.
It is usual, for some years, this religious rite associated with the feast of Vernaccia di Cannock a local wine made from the dried sample from the streets of the country along with cakes of cheese, meats and cakes of raisins and candied fruit.

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GPS / Geographical coordinates Procession of the Rinchinata - Cannara
42 ° 59'41.86 " N
12 ° 34'58.04 " E
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