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Festivalguer in Alghero - Sardinia

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Feste and Sagre Alghero



Alghero SS
» Sardinia - ITALY

Event Period: April

The TRIPS Festivalguer - words music images
Sardinia / Alghero City
07 April / June 22

Bill Saxton Jazz Quartet - Venus - Kristine Asbjornsen - Beatriz Aguiar - Avion Travel

Trade shows:
Deserts of colors - Traveling in Terra Sarda - Phoenicians in Sardinia

Meetings with:
Mario Tozzi - Silvio Calzolari and Diego Manca - Constantine Cossu talks with Ettore Mo - Pasquale Chessa talks with G. Berengo Gardin - Antonello Pellegrino - George Casti - John Maciocco and Giorgio Pellegrini - Tito Stagno - Egidio Trainito - Folco Quilici

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GPS / Geographic coordinates Festivalguer - Alghero
40 ° 33'27.54 " N
08 ° 18'55.27 " E
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