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Villa Romana del Tellaro

Noto SR
»Contrada Vaddeddi
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Since March 15 2008 is open to the public the Villa Romana del Tellaro, located in Contrada Vaddeddi
falling in the territory of Noto, which is only a few kilometers, approximately 3 km west of the ancient Greek city of Eloro.
For the value of its mosaics of the villa Tellaro joins the Piazza Armerina (EN) and that Patti Marina (ME).
All three architectural complexes are coeval.
La Villa del Tellaro was completely destroyed by a disastrous fire probably in
second half of the fifth century. AD
In seven - eight hundred a farm was built on the site of the Roman villa: Today is the eighteenth-century architectural body to enclose the mosaic floors.
Archaeological excavations lasted two decades have brought to light the main body of the Roman villa of late - Imperial: it is possible to visit the great peristyle, floor mosaics of the north side of the portico of the peristyle, the three environments that face and a short tract on the south side of the porch.
After many years of excavation and restoration of the mosaics are now accessible in situ.

The Villa is open all day from 09: 00 19 at: 00.
It is adjacent to an area equipped archaeological site where the visitor will find what they need:
free parking (also coach), bar, souvenir shop, picnic area, restrooms.
The visit can also include a stop at the Vendicari Nature Oasis.

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GPS / Geographic coordinates of Villa Romana del Tellaro
36 ° 50'7.8 " N
15 ° 04'43.18 " E

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