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Temple of Aesculapius


The temple of Asclepius is placed at the center of the plain of San Gregorio.
It is inclined to believe the traditional identification as probable on the basis of Polybius (I 18 description, 2), according to which the temple was to be "before the city", to a mile away, on the side opposite to the most likely way to eraclea.
All the distance does not, however, good indications Polybian (which might, however, be of a general nature) and, above all, the isolation and the relatively small and ancient (for the cult of Asclepius) building rather puzzling identification .
In the sanctuary of Asclepius he was kept a bronze statue of Apollo by Myron, donated to the city by Scipio and stolen by Verres (Cicero, Verrine, II 4, 93).
The small Doric temple in antis (m 21,7x10,7) stands on krepidoma three steps and basement crawl space in the broadest krepidoma same.
unusual building peculiarity is the fake opisthodomos represented by two semi-ante between the outside of the bottom of the cell, which takes so imitate a amfiprostila structure.
They are also known parts of the entablature, with lions' heads, gutters, geison frieze and pediment.
The date of the temple is perhaps the top-twenty years of the fifth century BC

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37 ° 16'57.07 " N
13 ° 35'22.6 " E

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