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what to see San Leo

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Porta di Sopra

San Leo RN

It dates back to 1870 and is the only access to St. Leo.

The description for Porta di Sopra It is not yet complete.
Porta di Sopra It is one of the attractions of Emilia-Romagna in the municipality of San Leo.

Alternatively you can consult the list of attractions of the same type - historical and cultural sites - present in the Emilia-Romagna territory or in the surroundings of San Leo.

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Map Porta di Sopra - San Leo

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GPS / Geographic coordinates of Porta di Sopra
43 ° 53'44.3 " N
12 ° 20'39.12 " E

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San Leo city guide

Pro Loco, APT, IAT - Tourist information offices

IAT San Leo

Office Information - tourist reception
Piazza Dante, 14 - Palazzo Mediceo
Tel. 0541 926967
Fax 0541 926973

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