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Collinas - Country Church of Santa Maria Angiargia

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Country church of Santa Maria Angiargia

XIIth century

Collinas SU

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About three kilometers from the town of Collinas (up to 1863 called Forru), in a lush valley of poplar, olive and mastic, there is a little country church dedicated to the Nativity of the Mother of God and invoked under the title of Santa Maria Angiargia or even Bagnaria.
The dialect word Angiargia or de su = Angiu the bathroom, then to Santa Maria del Bagno.
In fact, a hundred meters there is an ancient Roman bath, a small pit six feet tall filled with spring water, provided with steps that allow you to touch the bottom.
This church, which was founded, according to tradition, dates back to the twelfth century, originally belonged to the Benedictine hermits; This is likely when you think of the many donations that made the judges of Cagliari, Torchitorio species, the sons of Saint Benedict.
Nearby rural small temple you can still see the ruins of ancient buildings that implies not only the existence of an ancient village destroyed (Villaclara) but also of a monastery.
Not far from the church there is a well with the side niches where, according to a charming legend, while a farmer was returning with his load of wood cart, at the height of the font in which you see two niches, a wagon wheel He sank into the ground and, despite the efforts of the yoke, and the good will of the driver, it was not possible to move it from what place.
Several people noticed strove to free the wagon from that ditch and did not succeed until after many attempts.
But what was their surprise when, cleaned up the ditch, they found themselves in front of a great source of water from a well and in the walls of which there were various niches and in one of them stood out the image of the Mother of God!
Once removed from that place, the statue was placed on the wagon of the peasant farmer and set off on their journey to the village.
But the yoke, in the likeness of the famous Jewish cows with the ark of the Lord, did not want, going forward and backwards.
In the end it took quite furiously and came running back to the forest below.
The people understood Mary's will and erected a temple there in honor of her.
Since that day, Mary began to be invoked under the title of Santa Maria Angiargia.
And the common belief that in the wall of the church, to the part of the Gospel, have been deposited the relics of the two saints and martyrs Miro Casto.
The feast of St. Mary is celebrated in Collinas Angiargia days 7,8, and 9 September.
Commemorates the birth of the Virgin, precisely the 8 September.
It is the most important festival of Collinas.
It begins on the afternoon of September 7 with the transport of the processional statue of Maria Bambina to the country church located in the middle of a sacred grove.
A legend says that the trees of the forest where the church are dear to the Virgin Angiargia and a great punishment is reserved for those who violate this belief, asportandoli.
This belief is supported by numerous miracles ancient, recent and contemporary.
The day 8 the party takes place primarily in the grove.
In the morning around 11 there is a procession inside the grove, followed by Holy Mass with panegyric.
Many people, both of Collinas, and the neighboring countries, weather permitting, prepare lunch, made with roast pork, which is cooked on the spot, and other succulent food, which is consumed in the grove.
Dances are held in the afternoon accompanied by an accordion and launeddas.
On the evening of 7, 8 dell'9 and in the town square there is the performance of various light and ethnic music ensembles.
The day 9 the course of the festival and almost the same as the day 8.
The evening of the 9 day is the return of the simulacrum of Maria Bambina in the village.
At about 19,15 around, the procession leaves from the grove to get to Collinas dusk.
At the entrance to the village there are fireworks, in the church square, solemn conclusion with the sermon and the Eucharistic blessing.

The Italian text is edited by:
Maurizio Usai - B & B Sa Dom'e Forru

Photo by: Cau Mattia

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