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Church of San Felice

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The church of San Felice is a religious building in the city of Venice, located in the Cannaregio district.
Overlooking the homonymous foundation and gives its name to the neighboring field, straddling the Strada Nova.

Of ancient origin (X century) was commissioned by the patrician family Gallina, although the first document that mentions the existence dates back to 1177.

The 15 July 1267 was reconsecrated by the bishop of Caorle because it was profoundly modified.

Was totally reconstructed by drawing inspiration from the 1531 Codussi style, because of its critical static and because at that time Venice saw a major renovation,

The latest version is the 1531 and a central scheme plant, with two adjacent sides.
The main façade is divided into three by pilasters with Corinthian capitals.

The interior is a Greek cross, with four pillars at the intersection that support the arches of the great central dome.
Victim of the Napoleonic plunder presents century altars.

Among the works, there is the "San Demetrio armed" and a devotee of Ghissi Family (Ghezzi), by the first Tintoretto (1547 approximately), and a "body of Christ crucified" by Andrea Brustolon.

Inside the church there is a plaque commemorating the "Carlo Rezzonico baptism", the future Pope Clement XIII, which occurred on March 29 1693.

Near the church lived the hero of the battle of Famagusta (Cyprus), Marcantonio Bragadin, flayed alive by the Turks in 1571.

Even today the parish, the church is included in the Vicariate of Cannaregio-Estuary (Patriarchate of Venice).

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45 ° 26'30.44 " N
12 ° 20'0.06 " E

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