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Province of Potenza

On this page we present a selection of exhibitions and museum structures in Lucania, From which you can directly access the details page.
Selecting a municipality or a province, you get a list of exhibitions and museums present in the territory.

National Archaeological Museum of Melfi
Castle of Melfi
Melfi PZ
- via Castello

The National Archaeological Museum of Melfi is a museum located in the castle of Melfi, which preserves archaeological evidence found in the area of ​​the Vulture, regarding ...

MAM Palazzo Aiello Museum 1786
Moliterno PZ
- via Archbishop of Mary, 28

The Palazzo Aiello Museum 1786 is located in front of the Chiesa Madre and has an intense eighteenth-century flavor with chestnut wood beams and handmade terracotta floors. It's ...

MAM Museum Via Rosario Contemporary
Moliterno PZ
- Via Rosario, 15

The Museo Via Rosario Contemporanea houses a permanent collection of contemporary art, artists of international standing (Mimmo Paladino, Achille Bonito Oliva, Umberto Mastroianni, Hans ...

MAM Museum Casa Domenico Aiello
Moliterno PZ
- via San Rocco, 8

The Casa Domenico Aiello Museum houses real masterpieces of art by the great nineteenth-century Lucan painters. The "Death of the Goldfinch" and "The Enigma" by Michele Tedesco; ...

MAM Museo Novecento Lucano
Moliterno PZ
- via Giuseppe Mazzini, 9

The Museo del Novecento Lucano is housed on the first two floors of Palazzo Aiello 1825 located in the old heart of the town, overlooking the main street. It welcomes the big names to ...

MAM Ceramics Museum of '900
Moliterno PZ
- Vico Trinità, 3

The 900 Museum of Ceramics is housed on the third and fourth floors of the same building. It mainly contains works from the so-called German period of Vietri ceramics, with ...

MAM Library Lucana Angela Aiello
Moliterno PZ
- Via Santa Croce, 27

On the first two floors of an Art Nouveau building, the Biblioteca Lucana Angela Aiello houses a collection of books and prints on Basilicata that goes from the seventeenth to the twentieth century and the texts of the major ...

Museum of the Ancient People of Lucania
Screening PZ Basilicata
- via Dinu Adamesteanu, 1

In line with the most advanced regional museum concept, which aims to knowledge and exploitation of local resources, in August 2006 in Vaglio it was inaugurated the Museum ...

Provincial Art Gallery
- via Lazio, 8

Diocesan Museum of Power
- via Vescovado

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