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Friday February 22 2019
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Guide to the villages and the italian City of Art

Useful information to get to know and visit the Italian Municipalities, from the smallest of the villages to the largest and most famous city of art.

Visit Naples

Naples, a city of a thousand faces the shadow the Vesuvius tourism's roots: in the footsteps of great greek columns refined aristocrats and roman emperors built their sumptuous villas and oasis all along the shoreline of the Gulf. It is no coincidence that the peculiar magic of this ancient civilization continues to generate, at the dawn of the third millennium, more and new sources of amazement: recovery of old monuments and traditions - folklore, gastronomy, culture ...

Info City of Naples

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Cities and villages ... in evidence

Emilia Romagna

Rimini ... tourism was born here. Why choose Rimini as a destination for your holidays? Because in addition to great beaches, entertainment venues, historic buildings, its prestigious ...
Città di Castello
Città di Castello

It is the ancient Tiferno, Umbrian center of the Upper Tiber Valley which, after the Roman conquest at the end of the I century, became with the name Tifernum Tiberinum a thriving and rich town hall, embellished with public buildings and ...

Valle d'Aosta

Challand-Saint-Anselme is surrounded by the peaks of the Trois Dames de Challand, Mont Néry, Becca Torché and Becca di Vlou. The numerous hamlets, combined with as many small towns, give life ...

The ancient origins of the city of Bova (Vua) are testified by the numerous archaeological finds found near the Norman Castle dating back to the Neolithic period, although the first evidence ...

Emilia Romagna

The beautiful countryside of Coriano, made of fields with valuable crops such as vines and olive trees, dotted with farmhouses and ancient villages still inhabited and well preserved. The feeling for those who cross this part of ...

The city develops between the sea and the Peloritani mountains. It develops mainly in the longitudinal direction along the coast of the homonymous "Strait" without continuity from Giampilieri Marina to ...

Places to visit - What to see

MIC - "Pietro Bertolini" International Footwear Museum
MIC - "Pietro Bertolini" International Footwear Museum
Vigevano PV

The "Pietro Bertolini" Footwear Museum in Vigevano is the only public museum in Italy dedicated to the history and evolution of footwear, located in the evocative 15th century building of the Castle ...
Former Church of San Dionigi / Auditorium of the Foundation of Piacenza and Vigevano
Former Church of San Dionigi / Auditorium of the Foundation of Piacenza and Vigevano
Vigevano PV

The first document in which there are signs of the Church of San Dionigi dates back to 1323: originally located near the Maschio del Castello, it was designed as a public oratory for the use of the Confraternity of ...

National Archaeological Museum of Lomellina - Castle Stables
National Archaeological Museum of Lomellina - Castle Stables
Vigevano PV

Three long stables delimit the castle area from the city. Important stables, one of which - built by Ludovico il Moro - recalls Leonardo da Vinci's drawings for his "stable polita" ...
Horsewoman of the Castle
Horsewoman of the Castle
Vigevano PV

Majestic building with a beautiful wooden truss structure, it was built in 1837 on the destroyed Rocca Vecchia area. Born as a covered riding school, it was subsequently renovated: it covers an area of ​​over ...

Some parties and festivals, events and exhibitions

Notolandia The City of Children
Notolandia The City of Children
Noto SR
Event Period:

NOTOLANDY "The children's city" three days dedicated to children and not only, from Saturday 30 March to Monday 1 April at the same time as the Easter holidays the association IO & TE art culture ...
Flavors of the World
Flavors of the World
Cisterna di Latina LT
Event Period:

The goal of the event is to enhance the multi-ethnicity that distinguishes our region and the whole of Italy. The complete integration between peoples is the not easy goal to ...

The Taste of Chocolate
The Taste of Chocolate
Reggio Calabria
Event Period:

The "Taste of Chocolate", the gluttonous Kermesse dedicated to chocolate and the taste that is enveloping all of Italy, is back to great demand in the City of Reggio Calabria. The renowned event ...
The Quarantana
The Quarantana
Sannicandro di Bari BA
Event Period:

Ash Wednesday takes place the traditional procession that announces the end of the carnival. It is typical the figure of Arunz, puppet for precisely the symbol of the carnival, which is carried in procession for ...

thermal spas and wellness

Hotel Sirmione and Betrothed
Hotel Sirmione and Betrothed - Sirmione
Sirmione BS

Outside, the gentle waters of Lake Garda and the Scaligero Castle of the medieval village, within a refined and welcoming environment and a world of wellness and thermal health born from the centenary experience of Terme ...
Hotel Terme Salus
Terme Hotels Salus - Viterbo

Featuring a gourmet restaurant and a free wellness center with several pools, a hot tub and a sauna, Hotel Salus Terme is located just outside the center of Viterbo. It offers a garden, elegant rooms, and ...

Comano - Comano Terme
Comano Terme TN

The thermal water of Comano, which flows spontaneously and generously from the deep bowels of the dolomites of the Brenta Group in western Trentino, is unique in Italy, oligomineral and hypothermal: it has a constant temperature of ...
Ancient Baths of San Teodoro
Ancient Baths of San Teodoro - Villamaina
Villamaina AV

Irpinia is affected by phenomena of residual volcanism, well known to the ancients due to the aura of mystery that surrounded their manifestations. Virgil in the Aeneid mentions with dark tones to the valley of Ansanto, ...

Italian food and wine - traditional products and traditional products

Kind salami, salam gentil
photo courtesy salami, salam fairer - meat, fresh offal and their preparations
Emilia Romagna
"SALAM ZENTIL" in Romagna is pronounced like this in dialect, takes its name from the natural pig's casing, the largest and most terminal part of the intestine. It is a salami of about 1 kg. of weight, 50 / 60 ...
Carasau bread
photo Pane carasau - Fresh pasta and bakery products, pastry, biscuits and confectionery
Bread with large layers similar to thin crispy wafers, without crumb, discoidal shape, with a variable diameter between the 15 and 40 cm and a few mm thick, with a golden color, characteristic smell and taste that recall the ...

photo Cordula - Meat, fresh offal, and their preparations
Interiors of lamb, sheep or goat, packaged in such a way that the finished product looks like a braid or braided rope. Only lamb and goat entrails can be used as a variant ...
Capocollo Calabria DOP
photo Capocollo Calabria DOP - the processed meats
The Protected Designation of Origin: "Capocollo" is reserved for delicatessen products meeting the requirements set out in the production specification. The processing of Salumi di Calabria must take place in ...

Italian cuisine - traditional recipes

Sarde A Beccafico
photo Sardine a beccafico - Recipes of Italian cuisine: Fish, molluscs and crustaceans - Sicily
Ingredients: (For 4 people) 16 sardines rather large 1 glass of oil 3 spoons of breadcrumbs 70 gr of raisins 70 gr of pine nuts a tip of sugar l tuft of parsley 1 / 2 cipollina some ...
Pasta alla Norma
photo Pasta alla Norma - Italian recipes: Pasta, rice, dumplings, polenta, fregola and cuscus - Sicily
Pasta alla Norma is universally known and is native to the city of Catania. It would seem that to give the name Norma to the recipe was Nino Martoglio, the well-known playwright from Catania. ...

Saffron risotto
photo Milanese risotto - Italian cuisine recipes: Pasta, rice, gnocchi, polenta, fregola and couscous - Lombardia
Ingredients: (For 4 people) 300 gr of rice 1 piece of onion 100 gr of butter 20 gr of marrow of ox 1 sachet of abundant saffron grated parmesan salt pepper 1 about liter of ...
Peverada sauce
photo Peverada sauce - Italian cuisine recipes: Sauces - Veneto
Ingredients: (For 4 people) - 2 or 3 anchovy fillets - 100g. about chicken livers (or other fowl which is thought to accompany the sauce). - slices of soppressata (100g approx.) - parsley - a few cloves ...

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