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Italy Tourist Guide

Italy, guide to tourism

Useful information to get to know and visit the Italian Municipalities, from the smallest of the villages to the largest and most famous city of art.

Visit Ravenna

Ravenna is a city capital of the province of Emilia-Romagna. It is the largest and historically most important of Romagna; its territory is the second area in Italy, exceeded only by that of Rome, and includes nine shores of the Adriatic Riviera. Ravenna city of art and culture, city of mosaics, an ancient city that 1600 years ago was three times capital of the Roman Empire ...

Visiting Ravenna: useful info, tourism guide

Places of interest
Tourist marinas
Port of Ravenna

Tourist Accommodations

Hotels, apartments and other accommodations

Art cities and villages ... in evidence

Tourist guide to Clusone

Origin of Clusone (Clausus - place protected by the mountains) is very ancient. The first "Orobi" settlements date back to 1300 BC In Roman times, thanks to the iron industry, flourishing in the high ...
Tourist guide of Barano d'Ischia

Barano d'Ischia is a town in the metropolitan city of Naples in Campania, it is located in the south-west part of the island of Ischia. It is characterized by many hills from which you can admire a panorama ...

Aielli tourist guide

Aielli is a town in the province of L'Aquila in Abruzzo, in the Marsica. It is part of the Valle del Giovenco Mountain Community. It is one of the highest municipalities of the Fucino plateau, in the Marsica, ...
Sassuolo tourist guide
Emilia Romagna

Frazione Salvarola Terme: Located between the green and relaxing hills at the foot of the Modena Apennines, among vineyards, just 3 km from Sassuolo, Salvarola Terme is a pleasant and quiet place, ideal for relaxing and ...

Trevi tourist guide

It stands on a hill, at 50 km from Perugia (SS 75, SS 3), about halfway between Foligno and Spoleto. A city of Roman origins, surrounded by olive trees, Trevi preserves notable monuments from the Roman and Renaissance periods. ...
Tourist Guide of Apricale

Apricale (from the Latin apricus, exposed at midday) is a medieval village perched in the Val Nervia, where the Mediterranean vegetation alternates with chestnut and fir. Founded around the 1000, it gave autonomous statutes (i ...

Places to visit - What to see

Royal Palace of Caserta Royal Palace or
Caserta CE

The Royal Palace of Caserta is composed of the Royal Palace, a building with many 1200 rooms, and the exterminated Park, whose length reaches three kilometers. Their construction was directed by the Neapolitan architect ...
Lighthouse Monte Poro
Campo nell'Elba LI

The lighthouse of Monte Poro is a maritime beacon of the Tyrrhenian Sea located on the homonymous promontory along the southern coast of the island of Elba, the municipality of Campo nell'Elba, south-west of the town of Marina di .. .

Mine Argentiera
Sassari SS

The Argentiera is located about 40 km away from Sassari, on the west coast of Sardinia. It falls into the Nurra plateau, an area with a low population density, known for its ferrous mineral deposits ...
Basilica of San Simpliciano

The Basilica of San Simpliciano is an important Catholic place of worship in Milan, located in the homonymous street, a side street of Corso Garibaldi. It is often home to concerts of baroque music. The basilica is ...

Events, some parties and festivals

Wild Boar Festival
San Marco Argentano CS
Event Period:

»Tastings, music and entertainment
An evening of wine tasting of foods made from wild boar meat and genuine local products, all accompanied by excellent local wine, music and fun.
Trade fair for industry, crafts, agriculture, trade
Pieve di Cento BO
Event Period:
first Sunday in September

»Youth Festival
Fulcrum of the event, the great exhibition of agricultural, industrial and artisan products of the centopievese. The Fair represents an opportunity for outdoor entertainment ...

Commemoration of the anniversary of the Battle of Canne
Barletta BT
Event Period:

The Commemoration of the anniversary of the Battle of Cannae; He held on August 2 at the archaeological site of Canne.
Festival of Macaroni
Raccuja ME
Event Period:

The Sagra dei Maccheroni is organized by "Raccuja Cultural Music Association". As usual the 13 will take place in August starting from 20: 00 in Raccuja (Me) in Piazza del Popolo. The taste ...

Feast of Raviolo di Partina
Bibbiena AR
Event Period:
First weekend in August

»Food and wine stand
Traditionally reserved for festivities and special occasions, filled pasta is born from the union of simple basic ingredients - eggs, flour, salt and a filling of ...
The feast of Maria SS. Annunziata
Acquaviva Platani CL
Event Period:

Ancient protector of workers in the local salt mine, it takes place from the Friday before the third Sunday of August and ends with the procession of the Sunday evening of the Fercolo dell'Annunziata which ...

Spas, treatments and wellness

Baths of Saint-Vincent: the Fons Salutis - Saint-Vincent
Saint Vincent AO

Water and treatments La Fons Salutis supplies sulphate-alkaline-bromoiodic bicarbonate mineral water, no more reddish as in the eighteenth century when it was discovered, but colorless and pleasant, used in drinks and ...
Ancient Baths of San Teodoro - Villamaina
Villamaina AV

Irpinia is affected by phenomena of residual volcanism, well known to the ancients due to the aura of mystery that surrounded their manifestations. Virgil in the Aeneid mentions with dark tones to the valley of Ansanto, ...

Montecatini Terme - Montecatini Terme
Montecatini Terme PT

Lazy intestine? Everything returns to place with the thermal water of Montecatini Constipation, more popularly known as constipation, is a widespread pathology in our culture and in our age: think that ...
Grace Resort Spa & Wellness - Lacco Ameno
Lacco Ameno NA

Surrounded by lush greenery and an enchanting 15000 m & sup2 private park, Hotel Grazia Terme offers a private wellness center and a terrace where you can enjoy breakfast while admiring views of the ...

Thermalpark Nausicaa Palace Hotel - Ischia
Casamicciola NA

"Thermalpark Hotel Nausicaa Palace" awaits you in the Baths of Casamicciola, on the island of Ischia. It offers an indoor and an outdoor pool, classic-style rooms, and a spa and wellness center with a ...
Terme San Petronio - Antalgik - Bologna

The health complex "Thermal pools of San Petronio - Antalgik", with all the most important and avant-garde health and wellness proposals, represents the first concrete answer to the definition of ...

Recipes of Italian cuisine

Roman-style gnocchi, a recipe of Italian cuisine
Ingredients: (For 4 people) 150 gr of semolina 3 / 4 of liter of milk 50 gr of butter 100 gr of grated parmesan salt pepper nutmeg 2 eggs Preparation: In a saucepan, bring to a boil ...
Sicilian cannoli, recipe of Italian cuisine
Ingredients: (For 4-6 people) 300 gr of flour 500 gr of ricotta 260 gr of sugar 25 gr of candied fruit 25 gr of pistachios a few tablespoons of marsala powdered sugar a lot of oil for frying ...

Carasau bread with onions, a recipe of Italian cuisine
Ingredients: 4 carasau bread sheets 1 medium onion 200 grated Sardinian pecorino cheese Preparation: It is a very rustic appetizer, but not for this a little tasty; be prepared with absolute ease and with a ...
Struffoli, recipe of Italian cuisine
Ingredients for the dough: - 600 flour g. - 4 whole eggs + 1 yolk - 2 spoons of sugar - 80 gr of butter or 25 g. of lard - 1 small glass of Limoncello or Rum or Brandy - Zest of half grated orange - ...

typical and traditional products

Motsetta - Valle d'Aosta
Traditional Agri-food Product

Valle d'Aosta
The motsetta is a dried meat of cow, sheep or goat muscle (that of ibex is part of the history, while it is still possible to find that of chamois), born from the ancient need to preserve ...
Liquor Villacidro Murgia Yellow - Sardinia
Traditional Agri-food Product

It is a 40 ° liqueur, semi-sweet, with a sugar content of about 15%, bright yellow, transparent, bright, flavored with a traditional mixture of 25 flavorings (only the fennel is declared ...

Papassinos - Sardinia
Traditional Agri-food Product

Papassìnos (the name "Papassinos" comes from the dialect "Papassa" or raisin). Ingredients: 00 flour, sultanas, sugar, fresh eggs, cooked wine (sapa), vegetable margarine, almonds ...
Goat Milk - Sardinia
Traditional Agri-food Product

Sardinian Capretto must respond to the following organoleptic characteristics; the meat must have a light or pink color, with a delicate and wild taste due to the use of exclusively mother's milk, produced ...