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Useful information to get to know and visit the Italian Municipalities, from the smallest of the villages to the largest and most famous city of art.

Visit Capri

The most important center of the island is Capri, accessible from the Marina Grande by bus, taxi or cable car. The hub of town, characterized by homes with terraces and pergolas, is the famous square, nickname of the tiny Umberto I, open-air salon of tourists and high society life. It dominates the baroque church of St. Stephen, with its arabesque cupola and priceless Roman pavement, transplanted from Villa ...

Info City of Capri

Places of interest
Tourist marinas
International airport of Naples - Capodichino
Port of Capri

Tourist Accommodations

Hotels, apartments and other accommodations

Art cities and villages ... in evidence

Valle d'Aosta

Saint-Vincent is a town in the eastern Valle d'Aosta. The municipality of Saint-Vincent extends over the territory surrounding the capital, located at the bottom of the valley, from the bank of the Dora Baltea to the Col de Joux ...

Cerveteri is a town in the province of Rome, an ancient city in Lazio that dates back to the Etruscan-Roman era. It overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea, and is located at 42 km away from Rome. From Cerveteri you can ...


Nestled between the Stelvio and Engadine national parks, Livigno is a pleasant resort that offers many opportunities for sport and recreation in every season of the year. Second commune among the highest ...

Borutta is a town in Sardinia, in the ancient historical-geographical region of Meilogu. In its territory there is the famous former cathedral in the Pisan Romanesque style of San Pietro di Sorres, recognized monument ...

Trentino-Alto Adige

The city around the Tower of the Twelve has always been particularly hospitable. The German emperors knew that during their long trips to Rome they stopped here. The story is ...

Ischia is a town in the metropolitan city of Naples, located on the island of Ischia in Campania, belonging to the group of the Flegree islands. Ischia is the municipality with the largest population of the island, with numerous ...

Places to visit - What to see

Church of Santa Giustina
Ravenna RA

The church of Santa Giustina is a place of Catholic worship in the historic center of Ravenna, located in Piazza Duomo, to the right of the cathedral; it falls within the territory of the parish of San Giovanni in ...

Ceramics Museum Casimiro Marcantoni
VT Civita Castellana

Timetable: Winter Tuesday from 9: 00 to 13: 00 Thursday from 9: 00 to 13: 00 and 14: 30 to 17: 30 Saturday Sunday and holidays from 9: 00 to 13: 00 and 14 : 00 at ...
Badia of San Lorenzo
Trento TN

The abbey was built between 1166 and 1183, by the Bergamo Benedictines called to Trento by Bishop Altemanno. The church of San Lorenzo was part of their monastery. The apse part is particularly interesting ...

Palace of Guacciorna
Cassano Spinola AL

The Palazzo della Guacciorna is located at the limits of the territory of Cassano in the direction of Tortona. The farmhouse, with a vast extension of land, was built in the early decades of the 600 by the brothers ...
Church and Convent of Sant'Agostino
Pietrasanta LU

The church was started by the Augustinian Fathers in the fourteenth century and was consecrated in the 1434. Inside the simple single nave with a trussed roof presents in the floor inscriptions tombs of illustrious Pietrasantese families and a ...

Events, some parties and festivals

Palio Niballo
Faenza RA
Event Period:
23.6.2019 - 23.6.2019

»Medieval event - knightly tournaments
The famous and traditional horse race of the five districts of Faenza returns, during which the knights, armed with spears, fight against the Niballo, represented by a ...
Feast of St. John the Baptist, patron of the city
Chiaramonte Gulfi RG
Event Period:
24 June

»Patronal feast
Feast of St. John the Baptist, Co-patron and Protector of the city, The festival is celebrated from 21 to 24 June, and is organized by the Confraternity of Maria SS of ...

Festival of ravioli
Chittoor AR
Event Period:
July / August

»Food and wine stand
Traditionally reserved for festivities and special occasions, filled pasta is born from the union of simple basic ingredients - eggs, flour, salt and a filling of ...
The Salt Route
Cervia RA
Event Period:

Retraces the ancient maritime routes of the salt trade. The farewell party at the historic fleet offers music and performances of great beauty.

Spas, treatments and wellness

Overall Thermal Baths of Petriolo - Monticiano
Monticiano YES

The Terme di Petriolo (or Bagni di Petriolo) are a Tuscan thermal spring. The location is in the Valle dell'Ombrone, along the river Farma, on the border between the municipalities of Monticiano and Civitella Paganico, ...

Source of the Nymphs of Nitrodi - Barano d'Ischia
Cheat d'Ischia NA

The climate and the natural environment of the island of Ischia, the thermal waters of which it is rich offer the possibility of an experience of holistic well-being, which regenerates, that is, body and spirit together. The Source of ...
Neroniane Hotel Terme - Abano Terme
Abano Terme PD

Hotel Terme Neroniane awaits you in Montegrotto Terme with 3 thermal pools, a free wellness center and free Wi-Fi in public areas included in the price. The air-conditioned suites have a terrace with ...

Thermalpark Nausicaa Palace Hotel - Ischia
Casamicciola NA

"Thermalpark Hotel Nausicaa Palace" awaits you in the Baths of Casamicciola, on the island of Ischia. It offers an indoor and an outdoor pool, classic-style rooms, and a spa and wellness center with a ...
Il Moresco Grand Hotel Terme - Ischia
Ischia NA

Grand Hotel Il Moresco is surrounded by a high lava stone wall and a centuries-old park with pine trees, gardens and pools with thermal water. It also features an indoor wellness center and parking ...

typical and traditional products

photo Capocollo Calabria DOP - the processed meats
The Protected Designation of Origin: "Capocollo" is reserved for delicatessen products meeting the requirements set out in the production specification. The processing of Salumi di Calabria must take place in ...

photo Salame Felino IGP - the processed meats
The Protected Geographical Indication "SALAMI FELINO" is reserved for the delicatessen product that meets the conditions and requirements provided for in this specification. Description ...
photo Soppressata Calabria DOP - the processed meats
The Protected Designation of Origin: "Soppressata di Calabria" is reserved for delicatessen products meeting the requirements set out in the production specification. The processing of Salumi di Calabria must ...

photo File and Ferru - Non-alcoholic beverages, spirits and liqueurs
Highly alcoholic, colorless, non-aromatised beverage whose scents are more or less markedly reminiscent of the aromas of the wines and of the original marc. Variations to the basic distillate are the brandy ...
photo Saffron - Condiments
The preparation of the drug occurs through the fast drying of the stigmas that, tasteless in the fresh state, have a characteristic aroma and dye saliva yellow. In particular, preparation takes place ...

Recipes of Italian cuisine

photo Pork ribs - Italian cuisine recipes: Meat and offal - Sardinia
Ingredients: 1 kg of pork chops an onion two cloves of garlic 2 bay leaves a few stalks of parsley 200 g of black olives pitted 2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil a glass of white wine ...

photo Aranzada - Orange nuorese - Recipes of Italian cuisine: Sweets - Sardinia
Ingredients: • 500 g of soaked orange peel • 300 g of honey • 200 g of shelled almonds Preparation: Peel the oranges in vivo, with a sharp knife or a potato peel. Cut the ...
photo Pasta alla Norma - Italian recipes: Pasta, rice, dumplings, polenta, fregola and cuscus - Sicily
Pasta alla Norma is universally known and is native to the city of Catania. It would seem that to give the name Norma to the recipe was Nino Martoglio, the well-known playwright from Catania. ...

photo Struffoli - Italian cooking recipes: Sweets - Campania
Ingredients for the dough: - 600 flour g. - 4 whole eggs + 1 yolk - 2 spoons of sugar - 80 gr of butter or 25 g. of lard - 1 small glass of Limoncello or Rum or Brandy - Zest of half grated orange - ...
photo Porcetto dello spiedo - Recipes of Italian cuisine: Meat and offal - Sardinia
Ingredients: A dairy lard (qb) Salt Pepe Preparation: Spit-roasted pork is one of the most typical dishes of Sardinian cuisine and its preparation is traditionally a ...

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